Taking a Look at the Malibu BodhiFest

27 May of 2011 by

BodhiFest Logo A.thumbnail Taking a Look at the Malibu BodhiFestHelioPower’s Derek Girling will address, “Realizing Your Solar Dreams” at the upcoming 2011 BodhiFest at the Malibu Jewish Center on Sunday, June 19.   BodhiFest brings together numerous traditions ofBuddhism, with yoga, live music, films and more, under the United Dharma banner.

Derek trained with the Hopland-based Solar Living Institute and hasworked with hundreds of homeowners and businesses in attaining theirgoal of switching to clean, sustainable solar energy. He will share hisinsights on solar’s role in renewable energy technologies and what’s instore for the future. Part of the discussion will focus on the variousfinancial programs that have enabled many more environmentally conscious homeowners to realize their solar dreams.

Ironically, Derek got into solar because of his concern for theenvironment, but now finds that he spends most of his time talking about money. “Fortunately,” Derek says, “most homeowners now don’t have tochoose between sustaining the environment and sustaining theirpocketbooks!”

For more information about BodhiFest, go to www.BodhiFest.org


water drop Water Districts and Solar


Water Districts and Solar

Former SunPower Exec Joins HelioPower $SPWRA


Former SunPower Exec Joins HelioPower $SPWRA

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