Table Salt: Making Solar Cells Better

Chemists at Oregon State University have identified a compound that could significantly reduce the cost and potentially enable the mass commercial production of silicon nanostructures—materials that have huge potential in everything from biomedicine to solar cells and energy storage. This extraordinary compound is called table salt. Simple sodium chloride, most frequently found in a salt […] Read more

Germanium Nanowires: Making Lithium-Ion Batteries Better

New research led by an electrical engineer at the University of California, San Diego is aimed at improving lithium-ion batteries through possible new electrode architectures with precise nano-scale designs. The researchers created germanium nanowires that block diffusion of lithium (Li) across their silicon surface and promote layer-by-layer axial lithiation of the nanowire’s germanium core. Shadi […] Read more

Are Fuel Cells the Key to Solar Thermal Technology?

Why are photovoltaic panels more popular than solar thermalcollectors on homes? One big reason is easy storage. New technology maychange that.  When it comes to energy storage, solar panels have it easy. Homeowners with PV panels on their roofs effectively store power byshuttling electricity generated in the daytime onto the grid, said JaneDavidson, a professor […] Read more