20 Feb

Solar Fuel Cell Converts Biomass to Electricity

The Daily Fusion

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new type of low-temperature fuel …

17 Feb

San Francisco Announces 0-50-100 Plan


San Francisco says it is closing in on the goals of its 2004. Climate Action Plan and released its …

11 Jan

Disney: Discontinuing Pro-Fracking School Tour

Scaling Green

Sometimes, the actual news seems more like an Onion parody. This is a great example. Radio Disney …

06 Jan

RIP: Ontario MicroFIT Program?

Brighter Tomorrow

The Ontario MicroFIT program is a keg about to run dry. Nobody knows if there’s …

06 Dec

Nelson Mandela and Climate Change

The Green Market Oracle

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities …

02 Dec

Chile: The Next Renewable Energy Rock Star?


For years there has been a lot of talk aboutclean energy in America, China, and Europe, …

27 Aug

127 Countries Greenlight Renewable Energy Policies


A total of 127 countries have enacted policies to encourage the development of renewable energy …

12 Aug

The SunShot Initiative: This Could be Big

Greentech Media

There’s fresh evidence that the SunShot Initiative, despite being virtually ignored by a mainstream media …

09 Aug

Solar Power: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

GE and First Solar announced earlier this week an important step towards consolidation of the …

02 Aug

Here Come the Solar Suburbs

Cooler Planet

Suburbanites: Please buy electric vehicles and put solar on your rooftops — the cities of …

29 Jul

Oy Vey: Cost of Climate Change is $60 TRILLION?


What’s the real imperative of the migration to renewable energy and cutting back our consumption …

23 Jul

A Sustainability Incubator for Cities


While there are lots of incubators for startup companies to help them get their business off …