15 Jan

Google Hearts Wind Power

Green Chip Stocks

Google announced yesterday that it has ponied up $75 million for a wind farm in …

18 Dec

Top 10 Clean Energy Developments in 2013


The end of the year is always a good time for reflection and introspection, but …

12 Dec

In Focus: The Supergrid


With the development of the smart-grid and distributed generation, the trend in energy seems to …

12 Dec

Hitachi’s CrystEna Energy Storage System

Greentech Media

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi …

06 Dec

Why Solar is Beating Wind


Renewable energy helps sustain energy in a way that is protective of the environment. However, …

05 Dec

New Micro-Reactor Can Study Catalytic Nanoparticles

The Daily Fusion

Anatoly Frenkel, a professor of physics at Yeshiva University, is collaborating with materials scientist Eric …

01 Nov

Renewable Energy Standard: Coming Soon to the United States?


Two bills calling on the U.S. to create a renewable energy standard (RES) were introduced …

29 Oct

Solar PV and Energy Storage The Time is Now

The Solarserver

June 16th, 2013 was a big day for renewable energy in Europe. On this sunny, …

27 Oct

New Energy Patents Increase

The Daily Fusion

A recent study by MIT and Santa Fe Institute (SFI) researchers found a “dramatic growth …

25 Sep

Google Buys 240 MW of Wind Power

Scaling Green

Courtesy of Treehugger, here’s yet more evidence that wind power has become an economically competitive, mainstream …

03 Sep

NREL: Solar Competitive with Natural Gas by 2025


By 2025, wind and solar electric generation could be cost-competitive with new natural-fired electric generation …

26 Aug

Solar Power Deals – Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

Infinite Energy

Making the shift to solar power is an easy decision considering the rapid rise of …