21 Aug

Why Solar Needs Snowden

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

So before this turns into a debate about patriot vs. traitor let’s just say that …

19 Aug

Solar Comes to the White House


In another step showing its commitment to environmental policies, this week the Obama Administration announced …

10 May

U.S Army Announces $7B in Renewable Energy Projects


The U.S. Army has just launched the first in a series of renewable energy contracts …

08 Mar

STUDY: Roofs with White Surfaces 43 Degrees Cooler than Asphalt

Yale Environment 360

A New York City roof covered in a white synthetic membrane was on average 43 …

18 Oct

BioSolar Releases Bright-White BioBacksheet

Solar Industry

BioSolar Inc., developer of a technology to produce bio-based PVmaterials from renewable plant sources, has …

07 Oct

COPYCAT ALERT: Maldives President Installs Solar Panels on Nation’s ‘White House’

The Phoenix Sun

While solar enthusiasts were still celebrating President Obama’sdecision  to install solar panels on the White …

06 Oct

VIDEO: Steven Chu Announcing Solar on the White House

The Phoenix Sun

Chu: "It’s been a long time since we had them up there." Courtesy of the …

05 Oct

It’s Official: The White House Goes Solar!

Green Chip Stocks

So after quite a bit of prodding, it looks like President Obama is finally going …

23 Sep

SunPower, White Oak Building 10 MW PV Plant In Delaware

Solar Industry

SunPower Corp. has been selected to design, build, operate and maintainthe 10 MW Dover SUN …

14 Sep

Obama Administration Declines Solar Panels on the White House

Energy Boom

To the disappointment of environmental activists, the Obamaadministration has declined to put solar panels on …

12 Sep

Bill McKibben Goes to the White House

The Green Market Oracle

On September 10, exactly one month before the 10/10/10 event, 350.org’s Bill McKibben and his …

27 Aug

Solar on the White House? How About 10/10/10?

Energy Examiner

Sometimes our symbolic actions that we take can translate into tangible shifts in collective behavior.  …