15 Jan

Google Hearts Wind Power

Green Chip Stocks

Google announced yesterday that it has ponied up $75 million for a wind farm in …

07 Jan

60 Minutes Disses Cleantech Industry


You would think CBS’s 60 Minutes would have learned from its recent Bengazi debacle, but apparently not - evidenced …

31 Oct

Google Invests $100 Million Into California Solar Plant


Google has announced that it will be investing $103 million into the Mount Signal Solar project, …

03 Oct

FUTUREWATCH: Charging Mobile Phones with Lightning

The Daily Fusion

Harnessing the power of lightning to charge your mobile phone is much more impressive (and …

01 Oct

How the Government Shutdown Could Impact Energy

Greentech Media

At 12:03 AM this morning, after lawmakers in Congress failed to reach agreement on funding …

01 Oct

Bloomberg Reports Global Solar Surpasses Wind

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 33.8GW of new onshore wind farms, plus 1.7GW of …

19 Aug

Hawaii: Doing Solar Right

California Solar Lease

The business outlook for solar in Hawaii certainly looks ‘sunny’ with graphs like this one from …

24 Jul

Suntech Supplying La Paz Solar Farm with Modules

The Daily Fusion

Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. Will be supplying 132,000 Suntech Ve and Vd panels for …

03 Jul

$600M Solar Testing Facility Coming to Texas A&M


Last week Texas A&M University-Central Texas announced ambitious plans to build a $600 million solar …

29 May

The California Carbon Challenge


Next10, which develops online tools that help people gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, …

28 May

Extreme Weather in Australia: A Casualty of Climate Change?

The Green Market Oracle

This 2013 report from the Climate Commission offers a review of the current state of …

21 Apr

The Greening of Wimbledon


Wimbledon is the flamboyant southwest district of London. In has been inhabited since the Iron …