27 Jan

The Economics of a Residential Solar Investment

Southern Energy Management

People are starting to notice that solar is becoming more main stream, and not just …

21 Dec

In Focus: Electric Vehicle Insurance


One EV issue that rarely gets talked about is insurance. As production EVs are relatively …

13 Oct

Upsolar Offering New Warranty Program

Solar Industry

Upsolar, an international solar module supply partner, has introduced anew warranty program, backed by PowerGuard …

08 Oct

Microinverter With 25-Year Warranty From SolarBridge

Greentech Media

The microinverter and distributed solar electronics news is coming fast and furious in advance of …

29 Sep

Schott Solar Extends Warranty


Schott Solar AG, the German solar panel manufacturer, will extendguarantee conditions for two of its …

05 Sep

SCHOTT Solar Extends POLY Solar Module Warranty To 25 Years

Solar Industry

SCHOTT Solar says it is extending the performance warranty on its POLY solar modules, which …

20 Jul

UniSolar and It’s Power Output Warranty

The truth about ECD?

Did you know that Unisolar has a new warranty (dated April 13, 2009)?But don’t search …