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Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

Despite all of the efforts being made to resist the construction of the Keystone XL, it will likely gain the approval of U.S. President Barack Obama. Supporting evidence for the notion that we will move ahead with the Keystone XL comes from the corporate sector. Powerful corporate interests have considerable resources that often enable them to


In Focus: The ‘Missing Heat’ Discovery

An interdisciplinary team of researchers say they have found ‘missing heat’ in the climate system, casting doubt on suggestions that global warming has slowed or stopped over the past decade. Observational data on which climate records are based cover only 84 per cent of the planet – with Polar regions and parts of Africa largely


5 Promising Eco Careers

Businesses everywhere recognize their responsibility as global citizens to safeguard and conserve the earth’s resources for current and future generations. This goal is prevalent in a variety of industries relating to natural science, engineering, and architecture. Qualified people who want to follow an environmentally friendly career path have plenty of options, and here are a


Snowstorm Nemo and Climate Change

Those living in the Northeast of the United States are well aware that Snowstorm Nemo (What’s with all these silly names?!) is looming and after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, everyone is scrambling to make sure they are prepared for the worst. Extreme weather always opens the door for a candid conversation on whether our weather


In Focus: Electric Vehicle Myths

What, with soaring gas prices and enhanced environmental awareness these days, electric cars have generated quite a bit of excitement and attention since General Motors’ modern day model premiered at the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show. While the concept is as old as cars themselves (Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor in the 1800s, created an

Republican’s Anti-Science Stance on Global Warming

In an effort to pander to the Tea Party, Republican contenders are towingthe climate denial line ahead of the midterm elections. An influx ofRepublicans means that both chambers will be polluted by moreanti-science skeptics of human-induced global warming. The factsare hard to refute, but where there is a will there is a way. Althoughsome Republicans


Global Warming and Renewable Energy

In response to my recent piece on renewable energy politics, Ron Hill, very bright guy, writes some cogent stuff on his position as a climate change denier, and concludes: The failure to insist on objective science is part of the problem with you folks who make your living in the “alternative” energy field. I do


Electric Vehicles Help Combat Global Warming

Electric vehicles are effective weapons in the war against global warming. According to an Environment America report, plug-in cars are an effective way to lower CO2 and use lessoil. More than 40 studies demonstrate that plug-in vehicles producesubstantially less carbon dioxide than traditional gas powered vehicles. America can reduce emissions even further by increasing renewable

The Political History of Global Warming

The international political response to climate change began with the adoption of the UNFCCC in 1992, setting out a framework for actionaimed at stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases toavoid “dangerous anthropogenic interference” with the climate system.The UNFCCC entered into force on 21 March 1994 and now has 194 parties.In December 1997, delegates at COP


Global Warming: What about China and India?

Of all of the troubling developments concerning global warming in the last few years, accelerated emissions from China and India may be themost difficult to address. Consider: The China Ministry of industry and information technology reportedthat coal- fired electricity and oil sales each climbed 24 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to

Global Warming Exposes Resources but Arctic Meeting Leaves Many Out in the Cold

Yesterday March 29, prior to welcoming the G8 foreignministers for a meeting on global security, Lawrence Cannon, Canada’sMinister of Foreign Affairs hosted a summit of five Arctic coastalcountries (Canada, Russia, the U.S., Norway and Denmark). The talksaddressed continental shelf delineation, resource development, nationalsecurity, shipping routes and environmental protection. Technically, the Arctic is the area within


Suspend California’s Global Warming Solutions Act AB32? No Thanks

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, more commonly referred toas AB 32, is a 2006 landmark piece of legislation aimed at reducingCalifornia’s greenhouse gas emissions in a manner that is bothcost-effective and maximizes the economic benefits to the State. In thepast week, however, a grouphas launched a ballot initiative to suspend the Act in the hopes

Commerce Sec. Locke at COP15 on Global Warming

Solar Power Part of a “Moral Obligation” to Act Atthe Climate Summit in Copenhagen on Friday, United States Secretary ofCommerce Gary Locke spoke to reporters about the need to embracefundamental change to combat global warming. Part of that change,he said, is accepting the scientific fact that climate change is areality. Locke spoke about global warming’s