Solar Fuel Cell Converts Biomass to Electricity

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new type of low-temperature fuel cell that directly converts biomass to electricity with assistance from a catalyst activated by solar or thermal energy. Although low temperature fuel cells powered by methanol or hydrogen have been well studied, existing low temperature fuel cell technologies cannot directly use […] Read more

RIP: Ontario MicroFIT Program?

The Ontario MicroFIT program is a keg about to run dry. Nobody knows if there’s another keg in the cellar. The Ontario Power Authority isn’t saying. There are encouraging signs, but past experience has taught us to be pessimistic. We’ve been here once before. In October of 2011, following a provincial election, the program was […] Read more

Treehouse’s One-Stop Shop for Solar

Few people walk into a car dealership and ask to see all of the 2.0 liter engines or only the 200 horsepower cars. Those technical specs are important, but most people shop by model, price or features. Yet homeowners that want to install solar panels often find themselves buried in a mound of technical details […] Read more

New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”

In an interesting switch, a 113-year-old building in Albany, New York is being transformed into a “Smart Cities” hub. What once served as the city’s center for train transportation will soon house companies that are developing technologies for cities in the future. Smart city technologies include technologies that make cities safer, more efficient and resilient: smart devices and sensors, software that monitors and improves traffic flow and protects vital infrastructure (bridges, […] Read more

Cyber-Attack Hits U.S Energy Grid

If Ben Franklin lived today, he might say that nothing is certain but death, taxes and cyber-attacks.  Cyber-attacks occur when individuals or groups hack into another group’s computer information systems to steal, alter or damage key infrastructure.  Our nation’s electric grid is under constant attack according to a survey of electric utilities by U.S. House […] Read more

The SunShot Initiative: This Could be Big

There’s fresh evidence that the SunShot Initiative, despite being virtually ignored by a mainstream media more interested in faux scandals like Solyndra, might be the most important thing the Obama administration is doing to hasten the U.S. transition away from fossil fuels. According to new research, if the program hits its goal of bringing the price […] Read more

Solar Power: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

GE and First Solar announced earlier this week an important step towards consolidation of the solar industry that will result in the loss of a new solar manufacturing facility  in Colorado and, potentially 350 jobs.  Clearly the announcement is frustrating for Colorado, a state we featured in EDF’s Clean Energy Economic Development Series, which highlights […] Read more

Here Come the Solar Suburbs

Suburbanites: Please buy electric vehicles and put solar on your rooftops — the cities of the future need you! According to new research out of the University of Lincoln in the U.K., a solar-powered suburb filled with EV drivers has the greatest potential for not only powering its own needs with clean energy, but also […] Read more

A Sustainability Incubator for Cities

While there are lots of incubators for startup companies to help them get their business off the ground, for the first time there’s an incubator that helps cities learn how to implement sustainability initiatives. Portland State University has selected the first “class” for its “Urban Sustainability Accelerator,” a year-long program designed specifically for smaller and mid-sized US cities. “Today, […] Read more

New York’s Cleantech Big Tuna’s

It’s Energy Week in New York. If we’ve done our jobs correctly, this list of the top ten cleantech leaders in New York today should inspire both enthusiastic agreement and infuriated disagreement. The exciting thing about the sector today is that its prizes are up for grabs: riches, power and influence are easy to identify […] Read more

“Stop the War on Coal Act” Passed

The House Republicans recently passed H.R. 3409, the “Stop the War on Coal Act” that supposedly counters the Obama Administration’s hostility to coal jobs. Although it won’t pass the Democratically-controlled Senate, it’s part of their election year messaging, along with Solyndra. Obama has promised to veto the bill if it does get to his desk. The bill would “protect coal […] Read more

40% of U.S Pipeline is “Small Solar”

Favorable incentives and financing models continue to fuel interest in small solar projects, with installations at schools, municipal buildings, hospitals and retail stores now accounting for 40% of the US pipeline, reports NPD Solarbuzz. More than 1,300 projects under way are between 50 kilowatts (kW) and 500 kW in capacity with a cumulative PV generation […] Read more

Will Tesla Motors Change the World?

It’s a little bit mind-boggling to think that only a century ago, cars were just starting to become available to the average man. Fast forward to today and almost everyone in the modern world has a vehicle, if not two. Cars have become one of the most ubiquitous and important pieces of technology that we […] Read more