1366 Technologies Raises $15 Million

Massachusetts-based silicon wafer maker 1366 Technologies announced on October 15 that the company raised $15 million in funds to support construction of its new, full-scale manufacturing facility where it will produce PV wafers using its Direct Wafer technology. Construction of the new facility is slated for 2014. When initial construction at the facility is complete, […] Read more

Ion Implantation: The Next Solar Patent War?

As noted in a previous post, solar patent litigation has begun to move upstream to encompass photovoltaic manufacturing equipment. Some recent public statements by PV production equipment maker Silicon Genesis (SiGen) about startup equipment vendor Twin Creeks Technologies (Twin Creeks) hint at more upstream solar patent trouble on the horizon. This Greentech Media story quotes a SiGen […] Read more

New Wafer Production System to Cut Cost of Solar Modules

There is an urgent need to cut down the cost of generating power using solar energy. With this aim in mind, Twin Creeks Technologies, a pioneer in making next gen solar modules, has developed a wafer production system that will reduce the cost of solar modules, considerably. The trick is reducing the thickness of the […] Read more

LED Wafer Innovation Could Take Lighting to Next Level

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a report that forecasts the energy-savings prospectus for solid-state lighting (SSL) compared with conventional white-light sources. The 2012 update entitled “Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Application,” compares the annual lighting energy consumption in the US with respect to market penetration of LED lighting […] Read more

Suntech Acquires 375 MW Of Wafer Manufacturing Capacity $STP

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. says it is in the process of acquiring 375 MW of ingot and wafer slicing capacity in China.  The wafer manufacturing capacity is being spun off from a subsidiary ofGlory Silicon Technology Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd., in which Suntechholds an equity investment. Suntech will acquire the remaining 70%shares of the […] Read more

Comtec Solar signs wafer supply contracts

HONG KONG: Monocrystalline wafer manufacturer, Comtec Solar Systems hassigned new wafer supply framework agreements with price subject tonegotiation to provide major customers Gintech Energy Corporation,Jetion Solar, CHINT Group Corp. and Neosolar Power Corp. for a total ofapproximately 200MW in monocrystalline solar wafers. Under theterms of the contracts, Comtec will supply each of the GinTech, Jetion,Chint […] Read more

ReneSola announces long-term wafer supply agreements totalling 836 MW

ReneSola Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of solar wafers and provider of solar module OEM services, has signed two wafer supply agreements to provide two major Taiwan-listed solar companies with approximately 836MW of monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar wafers. Itsigned a wafer supply agreement with Neo Solar Power Corp. Under theterms of the contract, ReneSola will […] Read more

TSMC Starts Construction on New Eco-friendly Wafer Plant

Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has recentlystarted up on its newest project, a green one that too, with theconstruction of its third 300mm wafer plant. Now we aren’t talking about those oily potato chips and wafers, we’re going on about those greenchips you usually find in gadgets. Located in Taichung’s Central TaiwanScience Park, the new Fab […] Read more

Wafer Sawing Never Looked So Good

Applied’s wafering equipment was featured onthe latest front cover (and inside feature spread) of Photon International Magazine — the “go to” source for thephotovoltaic (PV) industry. Our Precision Wafering Systems (PWS) division, an industry leader forwafer saw technology was acquired in 2007. With its 25 years of marketleadership in wire saw technology, PWS continues to contribute […] Read more

CoreFlow’s wafer singulation system for crystalline PV industry ready for shipping

CoreFlow Ltd., a leading provider of flotation solutions for precisionmanufacturing environments, announced today that its Wafer Singulationsystem SingFlow has successfully passed a number of tests at customermanufacturing sites and internal demonstrations and is ready to beshipped to customers. SingFlow is the first automatic systemthat successfully deals with the delicate separation of wafers thateliminates manual labor […] Read more

Intermolecular Testing the PV Wafer Limits

Here’s a (likely apocryphal) tale told in thethin-film solar manufacturing world: An unnamed CIGS solar startup was doing process development and ranout of the de-ionized water used as a cleaning agent in theirmanufacturing process.  That particular day, they substituted straightCalifornia tap water in their process and rather than ruin theirexperiment – the efficiency of the […] Read more

Evolution Solar Signs Wafer Supply Agreement

Evolution Solar Corp. has executed an exclusive contract to supply 1 million wafers per month to Okaya & Co. Ltd. and Shinetsu Film of Japan. Thecontract provides a commission payment per wafer and is initiallytermed for a year, with provisions for possible extensions. The waferswill be manufactured in China. Source

Evolution Solar announces $36 million wafer supply agreement

Evolution Solar Corp. announced that Michael Franklin, Director ofAsian Operations, has executed an exclusive contract to supply onemillion Chinese manufactured wafers per month to Okaya & Co. Ltdand Shinetsu Film of Japan. The contract provides a commissionpayment per wafer and is initially termed for a year, with provisionsfor possible extensions. “Last year, we were working […] Read more

Comtec Solar, Neo Solar Power to supply ‘perfect wafer’ embedded in ‘perfect cell’

Comtec Solar Systems Group Ltd, a PRC-based leading manufacturer ofmonocrystalline solar wafers and Neo Solar Power Corp., a Taiwan-basedleading solar cell manufacturer, have jointly developed and launchednew products “Perfect Wafer” embedded in “Perfect Cell”. Solarmodules made of “Perfect Cells” were demonstrated by NSP during theexhibition at Anaheim, USA in October 2009 and were highly appreciatedby […] Read more