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Variable Speed vs Variable Flow Pool Pumps

Variable Speed vs Variable Flow Pool Pumps

With new building codes in effect in Florida, I’ve been asked quite a lot about variable speed vs. variable flow pumps, especially with solar pool heating systems. The answer turns out to be a bit complex. The simple answer is that a variable speed pump will give you better trouble-free performance while still resulting in


Solar System Purchase vs. Power Purchase Agreement

Long before there were any federal or state funds to help offset the initial investment of a residential solar system, installations were on the rise.  Solar adoption has increased significantly since the inception of the federal solar tax incentive in 2006, which rebates 30% of the purchase price of the system.  In 2007, the California


Microinverters vs. Central Inverters

So you’re installing a brand new solar system.  Do you go with microinverters or stick with a central inverter? What’s the function of an inverter? The task of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is needed for the vast majority of electrical devices.   Solar energy comes in the


Green vs Brown Energy

It’s becoming more and more common for energy suppliers to offer the option of brown or green energy contracts to their customers. A good example of this is Apollo Energy, for example, find it best to broker energy contracts for their clients in which they specify that they want green energy options; otherwise many energy


In Focus: Renewables vs Coal

No energy has zero emissions but clearly some sources of energy are better than others.  To help identify power sources that have the lowest energy requirements the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released an analysis that lets users compare, contrast and better understand what a lifespan of emissions means for project permitting,


The Net Energy Metering Debate

Greentech Media’s recent post, “Solar’s Net Metering Under Attack,” illustrates the growing debate over the sustainability of policies meant to grow our renewable future. In this case, net energy metering (NEM) was the focus of a spirited debate between Travis Bradford, founder of the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development, and Westinghouse Solar CEO, Barry Cinnamon,


Solar: Leasing vs. Buying

Look out! The Solar Leasing Police are on the prowl and they think you’re an idiot for leasing a solar system instead of buying it. Are you? Well, first, we absolutely detest the condescending paternalism of the anti-leasing crowd many of whom we’re guessing probably don’t even have solar themselves (could it be because they


Chinese Solar Tariffs: The Implications

The US Department of Commerce is imposing duties on Chinese solar manufacturers who are unfairly benefiting from China’s export subsidies. The countervailing duties (CVD) is 3 to almost 5 percent. These modest duties were arrived at by the math done by the Department of Commerce in their ruling. Based on the Department of Commerce’s numbers,