28 Jun

Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid Solar

Go Green Solar

Will I need batteries for my solar system?  How much does it cost to go …

27 Jun

The Difference Between a Solar Lease and a Solar PPA

Go Green Solar

What’s the Difference Between a Solar Lease and a Solar Power Purchase Agreement? For those …

25 Jun

Variable Speed vs Variable Flow Pool Pumps

Solar Southwest Florida

With new building codes in effect in Florida, I’ve been asked quite a lot about …

25 Jun

Diesel vs. Hybrids

Green Chip Stocks

According to a recent report by Pike Research, clean diesel vehicles will likely spike in …

20 Jun

Solar System Purchase vs. Power Purchase Agreement

Go Green Solar

Long before there were any federal or state funds to help offset the initial investment …

19 Jun

True Sine Wave or Modified Sine Wave Inverters?

Go Green Solar

Because the AC electricity from the electric grid is in the form of sine wave, …

19 Jun

Energy Efficiency vs. Solar Power


“Solar is sexy. Weatherstripping is not.” The statement elicited a few laughs from the crowd …

07 Jun

Microinverters vs. Central Inverters

Go Green Solar

So you’re installing a brand new solar system.  Do you go with microinverters or stick …

06 Jun

Green vs Brown Energy


It’s becoming more and more common for energy suppliers to offer the option of brown …

30 May

Solar vs Wind (revisited)

Energy Refuge

This is a question that many of us who follow the clean energy industry may …

29 May

In Focus: Renewables vs Coal

The Green Market Oracle

No energy has zero emissions but clearly some sources of energy are better than others.  …

08 May

The Net Energy Metering Debate

Greentech Media

Greentech Media’s recent post, “Solar’s Net Metering Under Attack,” illustrates the growing debate over the …