14 Feb

My Take on China’s Comprehensive Approach to Developing a Clean Energy Economy – VIDEO

The Green Leap Forward

Last week, at the Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition (RETECH 2010)in Washington D.C., I …

18 Dec

Video: The Gold Rush Is On In China

Cleantech, Applied

China is quickly becoming a renewable energy power house and hasbeen aggressively investing in developing …

14 Dec

Greening China, One Video Clip at a Time

The Green Leap Forward

Let’stake a break from the heavy reading and enjoy some great video clips.The first two …

09 Dec

Video Trading Alert for Hoku Scientific Inc. (HOKU)

Beacon Equity Research

HokuScientific Inc. (HOKU), through its subsidiaries, operates as amaterials science company. It focuses on the …

29 Oct

Thomas Edison Unplugged: The Music Video

The Phoenix Sun

A :60 spec spot advocating the use of solar power created by T.H. “Stone” Lyons. …

24 Jun

Is SunPower The King of Solar?

The Phoenix Sun

Who’s the leader of the solar pack? “SunPower,” says SunPower founder, Richard Swanson, notsurprisingly. But …

08 Jun

Inside the largest solar generator

The Phoenix Sun

The sun today The image above was taken at 6:24 thismorning Universal Time (UT), which …

28 May

Video of Obama Touting Solar and Geothermal Power

Green Stocks Central

Prez Obama spoke at Nellis Air Force base today discussing theimportance of renewable energy and …

27 May

Video | APS Solar Tour

The Phoenix Sun

If you click on the second screen down, you’ll see an advertisement.The video was produced …

28 Apr

Jeffrey Sachs on solar’s bright future

The Phoenix Sun

I’ve never come away from reading or listening to Jeffrey Sachs and thought, “Well, that …