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In Focus: Game Changing Renewable Technologies

In Focus: Game Changing Renewable Technologies

The EU has a directive in place for all member states to produce 20% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.  But how exactly does the UK government plan to meet with these (not so far away) energy targets? EarthStaff, as a specialist energy recruitment company, provide up-to-date information on the latest developments within


Empire State Building Retrofit: Here Come the Copycats

Energy efficiency upgrades to NYC’s Empire State Building have been so successful they are seen as a model for building retrofits that’s being rolled out across the US. For the second consecutive year, the building exceeded its “guaranteed energy savings.” In 2011, the Empire State Building beat its year-one energy-efficiency guarantee by 5%, saving $2.4 million, and in year two, it beat


1 Million EVs in Germany? Seriously?

When it comes to road-worthy production model electric vehicles (EVs), Germany’s auto brands don’t come to mind first. I mean, the EV market belongs to Nissan, Chevy and now Ford, not Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or even Volkswagen. So, how is it that German Chancellor Angela Merkel can claim she can get one million EVs on


FUTUREWATCH: Self Assembling PV Cells

Newly published research from Rice University and Penn State show that some polymer-based organic PV devices can self-assemble. The research could make producing organic PV far easier and cost effective in the future. The research, led by Rice’s Rafael Verduzco and Penn State’s Enrique Gomez—both chemical engineers, was recently published in the American Chemical Society’s


NREL Gets 2nd Solar Canopy

The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) now has a second Envision Solar International Solar Tree array at its Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility. Envision completed the installation of the solar EV charging canopy at NREL’s Golden, Colo. facility in mid-April. “I’m proud that we have been chosen again by NREL. They are delighted the


Video: The Shams 1 CSP Solar Plant

Future360 travels to Abu Dhabi to check out the largest concentrating solar plant in the world, Shams 1. The 100 MW plant occupies a square mile of the desert, roughly the size of 300 football fields. When commissioned later this year, Shams 1 will power for 20,000 homes. The technology works by using 250,000 parabolic

Panasonic’s “Eco Ideas” Factory Opens in Vietnam

Panasonic has opened its fifth “eco ideas” factory in the Asia Pacific region – the company’s latest initiative to showcase best practices in sustainable manufacturing. The new Panasonic Vietnam Group facility, located at the Thang Long Industrial Park, sets benchmarks – or eco ideas – for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reductions, waste management and recycling,


Solar Junction Achieves 44% Solar Cell Efficiency

A California-based company has broken its own world record in solar cell efficiency. Solar Junction has achieved 44 percent at 949 suns, beating the Silicon Valley company’s record of 43.5 percent at 418 suns it set in April 2011. Both records were verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). “Breaking our own world record


The Future of Epitaxy Technology

Epitaxy is one of the fundamental processes used to make all kinds of semiconductor devices: LEDs, power electronics and, of course, microchips. The term epitaxy means, roughly speaking, “adding order” and that’s exactly what it does. Hot gases react on a surface to “grow” a layer that precisely matches the underlying crystal structure. Epitaxy was


Joe Biden Calls Out Paul Ryan On Past Green Stimulus Support

Vice President Joe Biden didn’t hold back his disbelief in last night’s debate against his Republican challenger, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Calling Ryan’s comments “malarkey,” Biden smiled incredulously, shook his head, and interrupted with rebuttals throughout the night. Energy didn’t get much play in the debate. But when the topic did come up, it gave


Take A Virtual Tour of Suntech’s Global HQ

Suntech is dedicated to expanding solar energy worldwide, and what better place to start than our very own global headquarters? Because 80% of the building’s power needs are met by solar, the building’s carbon footprint is reduced by 29000 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to saving 9180 tons of coal! How can solar power


DOE Launches $10M Race to the Rooftop Competition

Late last week the US Department of Energy (DOE) launched the newest part of its SunShot Initiative, Race to the Rooftop, a $10 million cash reward for teams to reduce the non-hardware costs of small solar. Under the competition the first three teams that can reduce non-hardware costs of solar to $1 per watt for


Solar: It’s Just Easier (Graphic)

There’s not much to add to the graphic above. So we’ll just let it speak for itself. If you’ve got the right rooftop — and statistics show that up to one-third of American rooftops are great for solar — go solar today. It’s way, way simpler, not to mention, cleaner, greener, way more satisfying, and