20 Jun

1 Million EVs in Germany? Seriously?


When it comes to road-worthy production model electric vehicles (EVs), Germany’s auto brands don’t come …

29 May

FUTUREWATCH: Self Assembling PV Cells


Newly published research from Rice University and Penn State show that some polymer-based organic PV …

24 Apr

NREL Gets 2nd Solar Canopy

The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) now has a second Envision Solar International Solar …

04 Mar

Video: The Shams 1 CSP Solar Plant


Future360 travels to Abu Dhabi to check out the largest concentrating solar plant in the …

20 Feb

Solar Power Stars in Newest NASA Video

The Phoenix Sun

Today’s solar video gives a pretty awesome visual reminder of  the immense energy produced by …

16 Oct

Panasonic’s “Eco Ideas” Factory Opens in Vietnam


Panasonic has opened its fifth “eco ideas” factory in the Asia Pacific region – the …

15 Oct

Solar Junction Achieves 44% Solar Cell Efficiency


A California-based company has broken its own world record in solar cell efficiency. Solar Junction …

15 Oct

The Future of Epitaxy Technology

Cleantech, Applied

Epitaxy is one of the fundamental processes used to make all kinds of semiconductor devices: …

12 Oct

Joe Biden Calls Out Paul Ryan On Past Green Stimulus Support

Climate Progress

Vice President Joe Biden didn’t hold back his disbelief in last night’s debate against his …

10 Oct

Take A Virtual Tour of Suntech’s Global HQ

Suntech Connect

Suntech is dedicated to expanding solar energy worldwide, and what better place to start than …

19 Sep

DOE Launches $10M Race to the Rooftop Competition


Late last week the US Department of Energy (DOE) launched the newest part of its …

17 Sep

Solar: It’s Just Easier (Graphic)

There’s not much to add to the graphic above. So we’ll just let it speak …