Money: The Reason We Aren’t 100% Solar YET

Solar energy from our Sun is constantly bombarding us, even at night – we just can’t see it because of our planet’s orbit and rotation. So how come we don’t have solar panels on every rooftop harnessing the natural renewable energy of the Sun? Money. Not the cost to you, those costs have dropped significantly […] Read more

Tesla’s Giga Factory Will be INSANE

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some more details on the proposed battery factory: Pioneering EV maker Tesla just announced a $1.6 billion convertible debt offering. Tesla looks to offer $800 million of convertible senior notes due 2019 and $800 million due 2021 to build the world’s largest battery factory. Musk predicts that the new factory […] Read more

BMW’s Laser Light Technology

When talking about lasers, most people would only think of scenes from their favorite sci-fi movies but BMW has brought this futuristic technology into the present day. The new BMW i8 will come equipped with a set of “Laser Light” headlights that use lasers to emit a beam that’s more powerful than the newest LED […] Read more

Keystone XL vs. Renewable Energy

A head-to-head comparison demonstrates the superiority of renewable energy over the Keystone XL. If approved, the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day from Alberta to the Gulf Coast in Texas. In addition to risks from spills and potential water impacts, the pipeline will facilitate […] Read more

In Focus: Green Cars at CES 2014

As the fossil fuel prices are soaring day by day, companies are forced to take a stride in their manufacturing process to design green, solar powered vehicles that are extremely fuel-efficient. Sunlight is free and for these vehicles, it means that fuel is free. Here are some future vehicles that were displayed at Consumer Electronics […] Read more

6 Million+ Hybrids Sold by Toyota

Talk about a milestone. The grandfather of hybrid vehicles, Toyota Motor Company, announced on Tuesday they are launching even more of the energy efficient cars after passing the six million global vehicles sold mark. In total, the 6.072 million hybrids moved include all of Toyota’s brands, including Lexus and other regional names. The figure is current as of December […] Read more

Nissan Leaf Driver Steals Energy from School

Kaveh Kamooneh says he was just trying to get a little juice while he watched his middle-school-aged son play tennis. Instead, he was arrested. Kamooneh plugged his Nissan Leaf into a 110-volt outlet at Chamblee Middle School in Georgia, according to local news reports. Shortly afterwards, a police officer told him he would be charged with […] Read more

Mercedes + Tesla = B-Class Electric Drive

Electric cars are gaining serious momentum, and the number of car makers that start investing in electric vehicle technology is constantly increasing, as they realize that the demand for this type of vehicles is only going to go up in the future. Although Mercedes-Benz entered the electric car market a bit later than its competitors, […] Read more

Toyota and BMW Work on Hybrid Car

If ever there was going to be a “cool” car amongst hybrids, the brainchild of Toyota and BMW would likely go to the top of the list. While the Japanese automaker has held the upper hand in almost every category of “new wave” vehicles since the late 1990s, the tag “elite” isn’t applied as often […] Read more

Tesla Motors: Building A Hybrid Battery System?

A family of Tesla patents and pending applications relating to a hybrid battery system has been generating a bit of buzz (see, e.g., Cleantechnica’s story here). The patent family includes U.S. Patent Nos. 8,190,320, 8,450, 974, 8,471,521 and 8,543,270 as well as U.S. Patent Application Publication Nos. 2013/0181511 (’511 Application) and 2013/0187591 (’591 Application), some of which are entitled “Electric […] Read more

Manhole Covers: The Answer to Electric Cars in NYC?

Big news out of the Big Apple this week: HEVO, a New York-based green energy company announced plans to introduce a new means of electric car charging into the NYC cityscape. Their delivery system involves a series of wireless charging stations that are so well integrated into the city’s layout that you can easily mistake […] Read more

In Focus: Hybrid Taxis

Hybrid cars are enjoying immense popularity right now among consumers. People have started to embrace the concept of having a dual-powered vehicle as they can enjoy the best of both worlds. The fears associated with reliability have largely been dispelled thanks to the performance of the hybrid models. Even taxi operators who are known for […] Read more

$8 Million Battery Research Lab at University of Michigan Announced

A unique $8 million battery research lab at the University of Michigan will enable industry and university researchers to collaborate on developing cheaper and longer lasting energy storage devices in the heart of the U.S. auto industry. Initial support for the lab includes $5 million from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), $2.1 million from […] Read more