06 Dec

Is The Party Over for CSP in the U.S?

Greentech Media

Planning for new concentrated solar power (CSP) development in the U.S. almost disappeared in 2013 …

17 Jul

Battery Backed Solar: Big in Germany

Greentech Media

Storing solar power in batteries is an attractive concept to the homeowner who wants to …

11 Oct

Lighter and More Efficient: Ford’s New Carbon Fibre Technology


Detroit automaker Ford has been experimenting with a new carbon fibre technology that could help …

24 Sep

Apple to Build 2nd iCloud NC Solar Data Center


Apple has reportedly purchased another 200 acres in North Carolina so that it can build …

05 Sep

The Princeton Satellite Systems’ SunStation EV Charging Station

Solar EV charging stations are hardly new – as regular readers of SolarChargedDriving.Com surely know. …

31 Aug

University of Albany Grabs $20M for Next-Gen PV Manufacturing Equipment


Under a new partnership with the U.S. Photovoltaic Consortium (PVMC) and Ceres Technologies the University …

27 Mar

FORECAST: 2030 OECD Energy Consumption

3000 Quads

How many countries in the OECD will increase energy consumption as fast or faster than …

17 Aug

Los Angeles: Future Cleantech Hub?

Green Chip Stocks

With well-known green neighbor San Diego to the south, Los Angeles might not be the …