Top 15 U.S Environmental Scholarships in America

Environmentally minded students who are hard pressed to secure the resources to attend college and university now have a range of scholarships to help finance their education. Hundreds of thousands of dollars go toward environmental scholarships every year in the United States. Here are fifteen environmental scholarships from an alphabetized list assembled by Brittany Johnson […] Read more

Hawaiian farms Score USDA Solar Grants

Two Hawaiian farms recently received USDA grants to help them gosolar with photovoltaics (PVs). The grants allow Lalamilo Farm Partnersand O Guest Ranch Maui ‘s Surfing Goat Diary to take advantage of theirislands’ abundant sun resources while reducing their need for energysupplied by their local grids. Together the systems should reduceelectricity bills by $53,900 annually, […] Read more

USDA Issues Call for Energy Grant

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced that has allocated $70 million in 2010 energy grants for the Rural Energyfor America Program (REAP). Beginning in 2003, the program has eachyear offered grants and loans to farmers and other producers, tribalgovernment entities, rural electricity cooperatives and public powerutilities. The aim is to promote renewable energy […] Read more