19 Nov

Sustainable Investments Trending Up


11.2% of all investments under professional management in the US meet “sustainable” investment standards, a …

18 May

Will Solar Stocks Make A Comeback?


With fundamental issues in the solar industry, including oversupply and consolidation, solar stocks are likely …

07 Apr

Who Needs Subsidies? Solar Industry Doing Fine Without Them

Green Chip Stocks

Lux Research announced this week that it expects solar installations will grow to 38.3 GW …

21 Feb

Solar Stocks: Ready to Party? $STP $SPWR

Dr. Duru

A funny thing happened after I declared the “fun is done” in solar stocks: Suntech …

22 Jun

Solar Thermal Cooling: When Will It Heat Up?

Energy Boom

With the ever-increasing demand for airconditioners expected to rise dramatically in the next few years, …

21 Sep

Federal Funding for Energy-Efficiency Explodes


The U.S. Department of Energy has allocated a whopping $450 in federal funding for  energy-efficiency retrofits  …

08 May

Bright Future for Solar Power Sector

Solar Knowledge

CHINA’S aim to become a major global player in solar power hasbeen boosted by a …