10 Sep

Nissan Electric Vehicle to be Unveiled at Paris Motor Show


Nissan has announced that it will come to the Paris Motor Show with a futuristic …

23 Aug

World’s First Hybrid Solar/Diesel Power Plant Unveiled in Australia


Horizon Power’s Pippunyah Solar Diesel Power Station has officiallybeen unveiled in the eastern Pilbara region …

17 Jun

World’s First Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Unveiled by LG


LG Electronics has announced the development of the first solar hybrid air conditioner in Korea. …

17 Feb

Puma Solar Phone Unveiled at MWC


After a long wait, the much anticipated Puma Phonehas finally been unveiled at the Mobile …

01 Feb

Feed-In Tariff Unveiled In U.K.

Solar Industry

The U.K.’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) plansto roll out a feed-in tariff …

21 Dec

Solar powered ATM unveiled in Bombay


The matter of saving our environment from any future damage is nowbeing taken seriously by …

14 Dec

World’s Largest Solar Office Building Unveiled in China


Theworld’s largest solar-powered building has been unveiled in Dezhou,Shangdong Province in northwest China. The 75,000-square-meter …

10 Nov

SolarCity logo unveiled at Solarcon India 2009

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

HYDERABAD,INDIA: The logo of the upcoming SolarCity at Anantapur was releasedtoday during the Solarcon India …