19 Oct

Tel Aviv University Develops Self Cleaning Solar Panels and Windows


Researchers at the Tel Aviv Universityare confident that their newest research in nanotechnology could putwindow …

12 Oct

University of NSW’s Solar Car


With just days left before the Global Green Challenge commences to decide who’s got the …

07 Oct

QuantaSol Collaborates With University of Houston

Energy Boom

UK-based QuantaSol announced it will exclusively license advanced materials growth technology from the University of …

19 Sep

University of Louisiana preps hurricane-resistant home for Solar Decathlon


After working for two years on a home that gets powered by solar energy, students …

25 Aug

Low-cost printable solar cells can transform windows into solar generators


Oneof the biggest drawbacks of solar cells available on the market todayis their high cost, …

14 Aug

Harvard University Looks to Solar Energy

Cooler Planet

In 2001, Harvard University bought the Watertown office complex, a750,000-square-foot property, for $162,641,000. Formerly known …

28 Jul

Airforce’s UAVs to be powered by dye-sensitized solar cells


In the future dye-sensitized solar cells are expected to power the unmanned aerial vehiclespopularly known …

07 Jul

The Importance of Green Chemistry

Energy Boom

Focus on renewable energy leans toward types and delivery systems;solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cells, photovoltaics …

26 Jun

GOP: “The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on the US”

The Phoenix Sun

This forecast brought to you by the House GOP (with major corporate underwriting provided by …

26 Jun

Delft University readies Nuna5 for the World Solar Challenge 2009


The defending champion team from the Delft University of Technology is looking forward to winning …