Suntech Plans Research With Silex Solar, University Of New South Wales

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., the University of New South Wales and SilexSolar have signed an agreement to research advanced technologyintended to further improve the power-conversion efficiencies ofcrystalline silicon solar cells. The three-year collaborativeresearch project has received an AUD 5 million grant from the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) – the largest award given to any […] Read more

The University of Minnesota’s Solar Car

The University ofMinnesota’s Solar Vehicle Project teamhas unveiled their new solar-powered car for the 2010 American SolarChallenge. Dubbed Centaurus 2, the vehicle will take part in the 1100mile race from Tulsa, Okla. to Chicago. The team is one of the 18 teams participating in the challenge. Thecar is a completely new generation design from the […] Read more

Green Sun Rising Designing Solar Thermal System At Mich. University

Green Sun Rising, a Windsor, Ontario-based provider of residential and commercial solar thermal systems, has formeda partnership with Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. Green SunRising’s president, Klaus Dohring, signed on as design consultant forthe university’s planned large-scale solar thermal system. GreenSun Rising will consult and assist in the custom design of a solarthermal system for […] Read more

Advanced Energy signs PV solar service agreement for Colorado State University’s 2 MW solar plant

Advanced Energy Industries Inc. announced that AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, has engaged Advanced Energy for a multi-year agreement to provide SiteGuard services for Colorado State University’s new, two megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The new solar facility started producing power in early December and is expected […] Read more

University of South Australia’s Trev to Travel World on Solar

A team from the University of South Australia is preparing a solar-powered car to participate in the first zero-emission car race around the world. The racewill commence in June where the competing teams will make use ofrenewable energy to cross 20 countries on three continents in about 80days. The vehicle, dubbed Trev(Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle), […] Read more

University of Nottingham Design Solar ‘HOUSE’

Students from the University of Nottinghamhave designed the UK’s first zero carbon mass market home that can bepowered entirely by solar energy. Dubbed the HOUSE (Home Optimizing theUse of Solar Energy), it is a full-scale zero carbon starter home thatrequires no form of active heating. The HOUSEcomplies with Level 6 of the UK’s Code For […] Read more

University Campus in Tripoli To Be Powered By Solar Energy

Construction on University Zuwarah Technological Campus is underway with the Libyan government giving BRUESA and IADthe final go-ahead. Planning and construction of the campus along withits 13 buildings is expected to be completed with the help of ARUP within three years. Thedesign development will be lead by IAD and headed by Cottrell &Michelangeli. The developers […] Read more

University of Arizona’s New Solar Device Makes Solar Inexpensive

Inan effort to lower the cost of renewable energy and make it availableat the price of conventional sources of energy, inventor Roger Angel atthe University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory Mirror Labhas produced the first prototype of a solar device that couldeventually produce energy from the sun at a price rivaling the energyproduced from conventional sources. […] Read more

Tel Aviv University Develops Self Cleaning Solar Panels and Windows

Researchers at the Tel Aviv Universityare confident that their newest research in nanotechnology could putwindow washers out of work and lead to the development of a new type ofglass and solar panels that need no cleaning. The technology comes withthe development of arrays of self-assembling peptide nanotubes thathave more uses than one. A very short […] Read more

University of NSW’s Solar Car

With just days left before the Global Green Challenge commences to decide who’s got the best solar-powered vehicle, the University of New South Wales thinks that its Sunswift IV has got everything it needs to emerge as the winner. Thecar, better known as IVy, was built over an 18-month period by about 60team members who […] Read more

QuantaSol Collaborates With University of Houston

UK-based QuantaSol announced it will exclusively license advanced materials growth technology from the University of Houston to make its manufacturing process simpler and cheaper, while further improving solar cell efficiency. QuantaSol is an independent designer and manufacturer of strain-balanced quantum-well solar cells.Strain-balanced quantum well solar cells (SB-QWSC), are nanostructureswhich allow for solar photovoltaic panels to […] Read more

University of Louisiana preps hurricane-resistant home for Solar Decathlon

After working for two years on a home that gets powered by solar energy, students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have finally unveiled their solar-powered home designed for the Solar Decathlon competition to be held next month. Dubbed BeauSoleil,the home will be one of the 20 homes that will be competing in thecompetition. […] Read more

Low-cost printable solar cells can transform windows into solar generators

Oneof the biggest drawbacks of solar cells available on the market todayis their high cost, which keeps homeowners from opting for renewableenergy generation. A research conducted at the University of Texas At Austin could answer the problem with the development of a new type of solar cells, which could easily be printed like a newspaper. […] Read more

Harvard University Looks to Solar Energy

In 2001, Harvard University bought the Watertown office complex, a750,000-square-foot property, for $162,641,000. Formerly known as theArsenal on the Charles, the site was built in 1816 to produce weaponsand ammunition for Navy ships, used during both World Wars for similarpurposes, and even had its own nuclear reactor. Then, in 1994, it wasclosed. In 2001, the […] Read more