15 Aug

Advanced Sustainability Certificates at The University of Vermont

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Editor’s Note: I attended the University of Vermont. It was the best experience of my …

12 Aug

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 …

05 Aug

Homeowners’ Associations: Fighting for Solar

There aren’t many reasons not to get a solar PV array installed on your rooftop, …

13 Apr

University in Tokyo Unveils Solar Panel Covered Building


Whenever we talk about solar installations on buildings, the first picture that comes to mind …

03 Apr

Purdue Researchers Improve Solar Ink


A  team of researchers at Purdue University in Indiana is working to develop a new …

02 Apr

ASU: The Solar University


ASU is breaking ground as the most solar university in the United States, covering just …

06 Jan

The Intelligent Solar Roof at Erasmus University


Paul de Ruiter Architects have unveiled their designs for the Erasmus University’s studentpavilion that aims …

29 Oct

Nanowire-based Fuel Cell from Tsinghua University


Blood could produce electricity soon. Researchers in China and theUS have developed a miniature fuel …

15 Oct

SolarFeeds University: How Does a Solar Panel Generate Electricity?

It sounds miraculous to say that the right combination of metals cancreate electricity just from …

24 Sep

The University of Hong Kong’s Sustainable Development

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The University of Hong Kong (UHK), is amongst the greenest schools in Asia. UHK is …

20 Sep

Arizona State University’s Sustainable Business Curriculum

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Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business is offering sustainable business courses in its …

27 Aug

Commonground University’s Online Environmental Classes

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Many busy professionals would like to increase their knowledge and skillsbut it is sometimes hard …