50 Megawatts of Solar Comes to Bulgaria

Ukraine made headlines earlier this week after announcing a new wind project, now another former Eastern Bloc country is making its own renewable energy headlines: Bulgaria. Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) just signed a series of deals that would supply 20 MW worth of modules for solar power plant installations all over the Bulgarian countryside. One […] Read more

Jump Starting Solar Growth in Ukraine

Alternative energy advocates always say that official incentive is key to promote the adoption of clean energy. Ukraine, in Eastern Europe, is the latest case in point. According to a Bloomberg report, the country’s solar power capacity will double this year, thanks to the completion of Europe’s largest PV solar plant and incentives that are […] Read more

Ukraine to Get Mega Solar Facility

Solar power plants are nothing new, but they are far too rare. The Ukraine has decided to help fix the problem, of lacking of solar power, by funding the development of what might become the largest solar power plant in Europe. The solar facility, which is located in Okhotnykovo, Crimea, is part of the country’s […] Read more

Green Investment Schemes

The past 12 months has seen an exploding number of Green InvestmentSchemes (GIS) involving Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republicand Ukraine as seller countries and Austria, the Netherlands, Spain,Belgium and Japan, as buyer countries, according to the World Bank. The GIS concept emerged as a way to enhance the environmentalintegrity of International Emission Trading (IET) […] Read more