11 Apr

George W. Bush Goes Solar

No More Naked Roofs

I always thought George W. Bush got a bum rap by people who said he …

10 Apr

First Solar Goes Residential


First Solar is diversifying once again, this time into residential rooftop solar. The company started out …

08 Apr

Mosic Sells Out California Solar Crowdfunding Projects in Hours


Mosaic, which is using crowdfunding to develop solar and other clean energy projects, today (April …

05 Apr

POLL: Americans Want More Solar


A new poll by Gallup finds that across the U.S. more citizens want a greater …

03 Apr

Solar Powered Zoos Gain in Popularity


As more organizations realize the benefits of solar energy, they’re finding creative ways to incorporate …

01 Apr

Take That Haters! Tesla Now Profitable


The purchase of just 250 extra cars is bring Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) over the finish …

27 Mar

Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative Launched by DOE


The Department of Energy (DOE) announced an initiative to boost US manufacturing of clean energy products,  the Clean Energy …

27 Mar

Shared Solar Lands in California

The Vote Solar Initiative

Solar is already a huge California success story. The Golden State is leading the nation …

27 Mar

Top 7 Solar Consuming Countries


The concept of solar power has been around for some time, but it’s never been …

22 Mar

SolarCure Helps Green Car Dealership Marketing


For the average car dealership found in America, the overall world of local car dealership …

22 Mar

SEIA Has California Solar’s Back

Founder's Blog

The good folks over at the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) are all too aware …

20 Mar

Energy Security Trust Gameplan Announced


During his State of the Union address earlier this year President Barak Obama called on …