Will The Tesla Model S Come Out in 2012? $TSLA

It seems a very good bet that if Tesla manages to deliver the Model S as promised in the price range promised, it will secure a very significant niche market. After all, no other auto manufacturer is even talking about a 300 mile range in a production model. The question is: will the company get the Model […] Read more

Tesla Roadster Goes 347.2 Miles On One Charge $TSLA

The owner of an all-electric Tesla Roadster from Texas has set a newrecord for distance traveled on a single battery charge: 347.2 miles. The GPS log of the trip, completed on a closed circuit in California last week, has been postedas proof, but Tesla Motors hasn’t officially verified the new record. The record is for […] Read more

Tesla Stock Tanks on IPO Lockup Expiration Worries $TSLA

Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) stock is down 15 percent as of 2 PM ET to $25.45. The stock of the pioneering electric vehicle firm is tumbling becausethe market risks being flooded with some of the 75 million shares thatinsiders are now free to sell.  The 180-day post IPO lock up expirestoday according to this 10-Q filing. […] Read more

Electric RAV4: Still Ugly $TM $TSLA

Toyota has unveiled its new RAV4 electric vehicle at the LA Auto Show. The demonstration vehicle isbased on the company’s combustion engine model with a few modificationsto the suspension and the steering. With some other cosmetic changesalso included, the vehicle is fitted with an electric powertrain andbatteries supplied by Tesla. The company has also planned […] Read more

Panasonic Throws $30M at Tesla $TSLA

Electric Vehicle innovator Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) announced that the Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) has purchased US$30 million in Tesla common stock. This investment, which makes Panasonic a two percent owner of the EVmanufacturer, is a continuation of an already bustling partnership. Thecompanies have been collaborating to develop battery cells designedspecifically for electric vehicles. Though Tesla […] Read more

A Tesla SUV? $TSLA

Following the planned 2012 release of Tesla Motors’ highlyanticipated Model S sedan, CEO Elon Musk just announced that Tesla willrelease an electric-powered SUV just 2 years later: the Model X. TheModel X will use the same “adaptable common platform” as the Model S,but will boast a slightly more specialized battery pack. It’s excitingnews for followers […] Read more

Tesla Unveils Home Of Model S Production $TSLA

Tesla (TSLA) has unveiled not only the only auto manufacturing plant in California, but the first plant dedicated solely to electric car production at the former NUMMIsite which it purchased in May.  Called the “Tesla Factory” (catchyeh?), will be used to produce the all electric sedan, the Model S andpossibly other electric vehicles. “This is […] Read more

What Electric Cars Will Do to the Auto Industry $TSLA $AONE

Investors often get excited over new technologies. Sometimes they have a reason to and sometimes not so much. Take electric cars, a topic Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) just reopened with its IPO. After years of development, road tests and marketing hype, it seems thatthe vehicles are hitting the showrooms by the end of the year. […] Read more

Toyota and Tesla Making Electric Sedan $TM $TSLA

Toyota, the world’s largest automotive company is teaming up with Tesla Motorsto manufacture a fully electric Sedan. The Tesla Model S sedan inscheduled to launch in 2012. The Model S is a high performanceelectric sedan that will compete with cars like the BMW 5-series. The 4door, 7 seat sedan is powered by an electric 70 […] Read more

Tesla Soars After IPO $TSLA

Telsa Motors Inc.’s shares (Nasdaq:TSLA) surged in the company’s first day on the market. When the market closed Tesla’s stock price was worth $23.89, up40.53% from the $17.00 it opened at this morning.  Tesla’s strongperformance stood out in a day where the American markets sunk acrossthe board. Tesla, amanufacturer of the sleek and glamorous luxury […] Read more