28 Oct

Will BYD’s Electric Car Be A Hit? $TSLA $AONE


China’s first long range, electric car became available for retail sales in Shenzhen yesterday, - BYD Company’s “BYD …

25 Oct

Electric Cars: Will They Ever Catch On? $TSLA $AONE


A perennial problem of electric cars is that introducing them on a broad scale via …

10 Oct

The 10 Minute Electric Car Charge $TSLA $AONE

Green Chip Stocks

How long will it take until we can charge our electric cars in the same …

02 Oct

Tesla Model S: In Beta $TSLA

Greentech Media

Tesla Motors (Nasdaq:TSLA) revealed the beta version of its Model S at its Fremont factory …

01 Sep

Will The Tesla Model S Come Out in 2012? $TSLA

Clean Energy Intel

It seems a very good bet that if Tesla manages to deliver the Model S …

05 Jan

Tesla Roadster Goes 347.2 Miles On One Charge $TSLA

The Phoenix Sun

The owner of an all-electric Tesla Roadster from Texas has set a newrecord for distance …

27 Dec

Tesla Stock Tanks on IPO Lockup Expiration Worries $TSLA

Greentech Media

Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) stock is down 15 percent as of 2 PM ET to $25.45. …

19 Nov

Electric RAV4: Still Ugly $TM $TSLA


Toyota has unveiled its new RAV4 electric vehicle at the LA Auto Show. The demonstration …

05 Nov

Panasonic Throws $30M at Tesla $TSLA

Energy Boom

Electric Vehicle innovator Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) announced that the Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) has purchased …

02 Nov

A Tesla SUV? $TSLA


Following the planned 2012 release of Tesla Motors’ highlyanticipated Model S sedan, CEO Elon Musk …

01 Nov

Tesla Unveils Home Of Model S Production $TSLA

Green Stocks Central

Tesla (TSLA) has unveiled not only the only auto manufacturing plant in California, but the …

27 Sep

What Electric Cars Will Do to the Auto Industry $TSLA $AONE

Investment U

Investors often get excited over new technologies. Sometimes they have a reason to and sometimes …