14 Jan

The Greenest Superbowl Ever


These days, US sport teams and stadiums are competing on who is the greenest, with energy …

19 Jun

Reduce Your Global Footprint and Energy Consumption


Current methods of electrical energy generation consume large amounts of non-renewable resources and emit considerable …

07 Apr

PV from Trees


Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Purdue University have developed organic photovoltaic cells that …

31 Jul

How Green are The 2012 London Olympics?

Suntech Connect

The London Olympics Committee pledged to host “the greenest Olympics ever” but with the event …

23 Jul

Sustainability At The London Olympic Games

Energy Refuge

London is on the verge of feeling the full effect of the Olympic invasion, as …

09 May

Grisham City Hall Installs Solar Trees


A couple of new trees, which may not provide shade, are being installed at the …

14 Mar

In Focus: Solar Trees


Gone are the days when alternate sources of energy were clumsy and a burden not …

22 Dec

In Focus: Artificial Solar Trees


We all want the landscapes to be filled with natural trees that provide us clean …

12 Aug

Envision’s Solar Trees Exploding in Popularity


Solar-powered parking structures combined with electric vehicle (EV) chargers have been taking off recently like …

01 Oct

Envision Installs EV-Charging-Enabled Solar-Tracking ‘Trees’

Solar Industry

Envision Solar International Inc., a designer and developer ofsustainable infrastructure, has commenced the installation ofelectric-vehicle …

15 Jul

Envision ‘Solar Trees’ to Shade Pennsylvania Parking Lots

Each time a new product that utilizes solar energy is revealed, itbecomes increasingly clear how …

17 Aug

Solar powered phone launched in Kenya


You know what the best thing of Africa is, there is no shortage ofsunshine and …