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The Greenest Superbowl Ever

The Greenest Superbowl Ever

These days, US sport teams and stadiums are competing on who is the greenest, with energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling and composting becoming common in the professional sports world. Once again, the National Football League (NFL) says it will serve up the greenest Super Bowl ever at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey. Although it only got a


Reduce Your Global Footprint and Energy Consumption

Current methods of electrical energy generation consume large amounts of non-renewable resources and emit considerable pollution into our environment. Consequently, there has been a recent increase in the public interest in reducing our individual and collective “global footprint,” or demand on scarce ecological resources. How America stacks up Roughly four fifths of the world’s population


PV from Trees

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Purdue University have developed organic photovoltaic cells that are based on natural substrates from plant materials like trees. The new devices are not only made of natural substances, they’re also water soluble, so at the end of their life cycle, the devices can be recycled in water. Organic


How Green are The 2012 London Olympics?

The London Olympics Committee pledged to host “the greenest Olympics ever” but with the event now underway its environmental goals and energy consumption are being tightly scrutinized. The Games has always been an unrivaled catalyst for change and one of London’s legacy promises is for the Olympic Park to be ‘a blueprint for sustainable living’.


Sustainability At The London Olympic Games

London is on the verge of feeling the full effect of the Olympic invasion, as the Games kick off on Friday, July 27. The organizers have been keen to emphasize the Games’sustainability credentials, so we dedided to have a look at it and see what is on offer. Our favorite initiative is a program called


In Focus: Solar Trees

Gone are the days when alternate sources of energy were clumsy and a burden not just on the pocket but also on the eyes. Modern technology has ensured that solar energy is harnessed in ways that appeal to a generation which likes gadgets, sleek, smart and ergonomically crafted. The “Solar Tree” installations outside the parking


In Focus: Artificial Solar Trees

We all want the landscapes to be filled with natural trees that provide us clean air to breathe. However, rapid deforestation and industrialization has converted urban centers into concrete jungles where fresh air isn’t common. To replace these natural wonders, scientists over the world have come out with concepts of artificial trees that can generate


Envision Installs EV-Charging-Enabled Solar-Tracking ‘Trees’

Envision Solar International Inc., a designer and developer ofsustainable infrastructure, has commenced the installation ofelectric-vehicle (EV)-charging-enabled solar-tracking trees at AxionPower International’s facility in western Pennsylvania. Theinstallation is being financed through a Pennsylvania state grant tofund the deployment of the EnvisionTrak and CleanCharge Solar Trees. Itis expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2011.


Envision ‘Solar Trees’ to Shade Pennsylvania Parking Lots

Each time a new product that utilizes solar energy is revealed, itbecomes increasingly clear how difficult it is to predict the form andfunction of future applications of solar technology. One day you couldbe pedaling along in a solar-powered bike helmet, and the next you could be online tracking the 24-hourhistoric flight of a solar-powered airplane. Yesterday,


Solar powered phone launched in Kenya

You know what the best thing of Africa is, there is no shortage ofsunshine and Kenya is utilizing this free source of energy which isabundantly available by launching a solar powered phone. Kenya’sleading mobile network operator Safaricom has launched a cheapsolar-powered mobile phone aimed at primarily at users in the ruralareas of Kenya. Kenya also

Synthetic trees capture carbon 1000 times faster than their organic counterparts

Researchscientists at the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering atColumbia University have come up with an ingenious idea to captureatmospheric CO2 and perhaps, save the world as well. The idea, likemany other earth saving proposals, gains inspiration from nature. Thesescientists are developing “synthetic trees”, which are capable ofcollecting CO2 1,000 times faster than organic trees.