02 Feb

Charging Electric Vehicles as they Drive

Yale Environment 360

U.S. researchers have designed a wireless charging system for electric vehiclesthey say could ultimately lead …

02 Feb

The Smart Ball 2046 Concept Vehicle


City streets are already choked with a lot of traffic and this makes commuting from …

02 Feb

Natural Gas Vehicles: Good for the Environment?

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Last week, in a speech in Las Vegas, President Obama called for getting more natural …

27 Jan

Turn this Ship Around

Brighter Tomorrow

On Friday, January 13th, the cruise ship Costa Concordia struck a rock and capsized off …

26 Jan

Solar Ships: Not A Pipe Dream Anymore

More and more businesses, homeowners and even utilities have seen fit to invest in solar …

25 Jan

Planet Solar’s Turanor Solar Boat

Energy Refuge

Planet Solar’s Turanor, the world’s largest solar-powered boat, is nearly finished with its mission to …

24 Jan

Why Fuel Cells are the Future of Electric Vehicles


As we all know, our fuel supply is slowly and steadily being exhausted, as our …

23 Jan

Toyota Shows Off Future EV Designs $TM


Toyota unveiled its next generation of plug-in hybrid cars at the Detroit Auto Show this …

20 Jan

Where is the EV Rush?


When we talk about carbon emissions by the transportation industry, most of us just nonchalantly …

19 Jan

The Future of Transportation


I just got off the phone with Dan Sturges of WheelChange. If there’s a person …

17 Jan

The 10 Greenest Trucking Companies

Green Chip Stocks

Numerous trucking companies in the United States and around the globe are starting to “go …

07 Jan

The Futuristic Gadget Charging Suitcase


Gadgets are the main accessories of our daily lives and the energy source to power …