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The Futuristic Gadget Charging Suitcase

The Futuristic Gadget Charging Suitcase

Gadgets are the main accessories of our daily lives and the energy source to power them up is always a big worry especially for professionals or business travelers constantly on the go. To solve this crisis to a large extent, designer Jung Inyoung has come up with an innovative suitcase trolley. The trolley when rolled


FUTUREWATCH: Driverless Vehicles

Our dependence on automobiles has seen a massive increase in production. Cars are being churned out in huge numbers to meeting growing consumer demands. SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and coupes now come in different styles, all stunning and having the potential to make heads turn. But this has led to a slump in supply of conventional


Chevrolet Investing $40m to Offset Car Emmissions

Chevrolet has announced that it is investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Its goal is to reduce 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over next few years. The company plans to invest $40 million on efforts that reduce environmental impacts. The initiative is focused on projects that promote energy savings, renewable energy,


The Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve

In response to my recent piece of electric vehicles, a few readers sent me  John Peterson’s position on the subject. Thanks, but I’m already quite familiar with it.  John’s a brilliant, honest, and levelheaded guy; in fact, I plan to visit him in Switzerland when I’m in Europe next spring. Having said this, I disagree with


The CRK Solar Comet Concept

The CRK Comet is an amazingly designed compact car that could very well take on the future markets as a small-sized vehicle that is powered by the sun. Designed and conceptualized by Brent Carter, the CRK Comet is a cute little car that has a small structure that is very futuristic in design. The upper


Are PHEVs Greener than EVs?

Are plug-in hybrids generally more environmentally friendly and economically efficient to produce than pure EVs? They may be according to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and summarized recently by Edmunds Auto Observer. According to the CMU researchers, EVs with larger battery packs may actually produce more emissions than those with smaller packs —


In Focus: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles emit greenhouse gases (GHGs), namely carbon dioxide CO2, that contribute to global warming. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) powered by (you got it)- pure hydrogen and do not emit GHGs from their tailpipe but rather water vapor. However, in order to produce the hydrogen used to power FCVs, energy is consumed and


FUTUREWATCH: Maglev Trains

Transportation management is always a debatable topic among the city planners across the globe. Today we are living in an era where we are facing with traffic problem each and every day. It’s caused by numerous vehicles on the narrow roads which were caused by improper planning. Also as today we are no longer able

Motion Power

New Energy Technologies: Kinetic Energy Has Arrived

Last week New Energy Technologies went on the road to try out its MotionPower-Express system, which it calls the world’s first electricity-generating rumble strip. The test took place in the City of Roanoke, Virginia. The demonstration took place at the Roanoke Civic Center, attracting nearly 6000 visitors and over 580 vehicles. When drivers slowed down