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The G20 and the Transition to a Greener Economy

The G20 and the Transition to a Greener Economy

The G20 has a pivotal role to play in support of the development of amore sustainable economy. This entails sustainable green growth poweredby clean technologies and respect for nature’s biodiversity. Already some international efforts are underway. The World Bank, in partnership with organizations including UNEP, will be assisting developingcountries with national, green accounts. But there


The New Energy Transition

Green energy may have finally gotten the push it needed to get enough support to go from an interesting idea, to how we live our daily lives. But this kind of change won’t happen overnight, and some key industries look to benefit from the long awaited fall of fossil fuels. What better way to visibly


European Photovoltaic Markets Enter Transition Phase

Theperiod from 2010 to 2012 is shaping up to be one of significanttransformation for the European photovoltaic industry as itconfronts regulatory incentive revisions, expanding market developmentopportunities and scaling competition from better financed and morerobust power players, according to a new report from IHS Emerging Energy Research. Europe PV markets are forecasted to add as much

DIY Energy Transition

In the latest issues of Gregor.us Monthly, Copenhagen Confirmation, (see: Gregor.us 2009 Annualfor a discounted price on this issue) I explained that not only wereenergy transition and climate-change mitigation essentially the sameproblem but that world political leaders would do precisely zero abouteither. A political leader of any country, developed or developing, isno more going to