21 Jun

Transistors in the Mobile Era

Cleantech, Applied

Transistors are the fundamental building blocks out of which all modern electronic devices are built. …

08 Apr

Cheap Separation Method of Graphene Developed


Recently an Innovative, environment friendly and cheap separation technology has been developed by the research …

03 Apr

In Focus: Efficient Electronics


Grid power is something that most of us take for granted. We do not really …

27 Mar

Energy Efficient Transistors through Quantum Tunneling


Transistors are pretty much part of our daily lives. We may not understand them, and …

13 Mar

FUTUREWATCH: Transistors Made from Human Ingredients


The latest innovation of technology is the nano sized transistor made from organic materials found …

14 Dec

When Are 3D Transistors Coming?

Cleantech, Applied

Imagine two micrographs side-by-side, one of a transistor from an Intel286 microprocessor from 1982 and …

01 Sep

The Incredibly Low and Ever-falling Price of Transistors

Cleantech, Applied

Applied Materials was highlighted in an article released byFORTUNE today about the incredibly low and …