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Ascent Solar Lands Chinese Railway Deal

Ascent Solar Lands Chinese Railway Deal

State of the art PV solar developer Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI) has just announced it will enter into a three way joint development agreement with Chinese companies Shenzhen Radiant Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation (TSDI). With this agreement, TSDI will promote Ascent’s advanced solar modules by putting


Why Urban Infrastructure is Important

In any city, a large part of the carbon output and energy draw can be accredited to the transportation network. In inefficient cities (read L.A.), transportation is burdened by heavy individualized and long distance traffic. This results in people driving alone, in automobiles, for an excessively long period of time. Efficient transportation cities (read New


Top 5 Ways to get Clean Energy from Trains

Trains are the world’s most popular mode of transport, even popular than cars due to their speed, accessibility and reasonable fare. Ever since the invention of the first railway engine, trains have served as the medium between far-off distances, inspired many artists, poets and writers and offered time-to-time luxury services for those who cannot spend

Amtrak Introduces New Electric Trains

Two weeks ago ,I wrote about how Eurostar, the company responsible forrunning much of the Channel’s rail traffic between England and France,planned to invest a sizable sum for the purchase of several high speed electric trains from the German engineering firm Siemens. While the announcement came as a bit of a shock for certain Frenchofficials,