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This rooftop array atop a Walmart store in Santa Ana, California, was one of the company's first. Walmart now boasts more than 100 MW installed capacity across the U.S.

Blue chip companies in US increase PV deployment by 28%

Blue chip companies in US increase PV deployment by 28%

The third-annual Solar Means Business report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has revealed that many of the U.S.’s leading Fortune 100 companies have continued to step-up their use of solar PV as a leading clean energy source. SEIA’s report shows that 569 MW of solar PV capacity is now deployed across 1,100 sites owned and


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Coming Next Year

Which kind of zero emission car will Californians like better – electric or hydrogen fuel cell? Automakers are moving in lockstep with California regulators to find out. Over the next two years, California will have 50 hydrogen fueling stations, coinciding with the launch of Toyota’s fuel cell Camry, Honda’s revised FCX Clarity sedan and Hyundai’s Tucson crossover SUV, due


In Focus: Google’s Self Driving Cars

By now, you’ve probably heard about Google’s self-driving car and, consequently, how it could revolutionize the future of transportation (not to mention, the auto industry). Self-driving cars that can ‘speak’ to each other would mean fewer traffic jams, faster travel, and as a result fewer emissions. If those self-driving cars were electric vehicles powered by clean energy as well, our


6 Million+ Hybrids Sold by Toyota

Talk about a milestone. The grandfather of hybrid vehicles, Toyota Motor Company, announced on Tuesday they are launching even more of the energy efficient cars after passing the six million global vehicles sold mark. In total, the 6.072 million hybrids moved include all of Toyota’s brands, including Lexus and other regional names. The figure is current as of December


Fuel Cell Cars at the Solar Decathalon

While many of the solar-power homes on display at the Solar Decathlon in Orange County, Calif. this week have electric vehicle charging stations, another cutting-edge automobile technology is being showcased at the U.S. Department of Energy event. Several car manufacturers are debuting their first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for sale in 2014. In addition, the


Toyota Prius to be Replaced?

From the outside, it looks like sales of the Toyota Prius have never been better. According to WardAuto, they surpassed their 2012 sales goal by 16,000 units, and the rising gas prices since 2011 have caused many buyers to take the plunge and go hybrid. But not everything is smooth sailing for the Prius. An


Toyota: 21 Hybrid Vehicles by 2015

A press conference held in Toyota City, Japan last week revealed ambitious plans for hybrid vehicle sales by Toyota Motor Corporation. This conference was designed to show the successes of Toyota’s aggressive R&D program as well as favorable market conditions for hybrid models. Toyota plans to release at least 21 hybrid vehicle models around the


Walmart Installs 14K Solar Panels at AZ Distribution Facility

Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook often capture headlines with their clean energy initiatives, but over the last year, Walmart has become an installed solar capacity leader. The company completed its 100th solar installation in the U.S. with dozens more planned in the near future. Now Walmart is taking it one step further at its


In Focus: The Electric Vehicle Revolution

Many people are turning to the electric revolution when buying a new car whilst turning their back on the old petrol and or diesel but what how far will the revolution go and what are the major pulling factors from the old style engines? Electric cars will be a lot cheaper to maintain in the


The Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cars of 2012

It’s becoming increasingly important for new cars to be eco-friendly. Lowered emissions, better mileage, and the adaptation of existing diesel and petrol engines to include hybrid electric motors and batteries is becoming more of a focus for manufacturers as they seek compliance with low pollution regulations. In this context, some of the best new cars


Top 5 Green Cars of 2012

One of the big motivators for buying a “greener” car the next time you are in the automotive market is the reduction in harmful greenhouse gases and unsightly smog that can be downright stifling in big city traffic jams. But even if you don’t feel particularly passionate about your ability to save the planet, green


Toyota Pixis Epoch Unveiled

Toyota Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co. entered an agreement in September 2010 to collaborate on a series of new models for Japanese consumers. This collaboration has focused largely on producing eco friendly cars; vehicles that are affordable, miserly with gas, and low on emissions. Toyota announced the release of the Pixis Epoch during a presentation last