In Focus: The Chemicals in Chicago’s Air

Scientists have found that Chicago’s air is infested with chemicals courtesy of airborne compounds that are traveling as far as the Arctic. The chemicals, called cyclic siloxanes, are toxic to aquatic life. Where do they come from? From chemicals in deodorants, lotions and conditioners. “These chemicals are just everywhere,” said Keri Hornbuckle, an engineering professor at the […] Read more

Chinese ‘Cancer Villages’

Alarming headlines from around the World are sharing the toxic tragedy regarding the current ticking time bomb within China; now, that they are officially admitting to clusters of ‘cancer villages’ scattered within their highly contaminated borders. Do we really dare open this Pandora’s Box of Pollution? The official statement by China’s Environment Ministry was part […] Read more

Solar Manufacturing: Not as Toxic as Fossil Fuels

Everybody knows that once solar’s installed, it doesn’t pollute. But some of the materials in some photovoltaics can be hazardous. Even so, the amount of toxic waste is far, far less than is produced during conventional energy production, according to data from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). For instance, between the period […] Read more

Steve Jobs Helped Apple Remove Toxic Chemicals from Products $AAPL

Steve Jobs was an innovative technological genius, but he should also be remembered for his environmental efforts. He was the mind behind Pixar and other technology companies, but he is best known for his work at Apple. Jobs’ environmentalism went well beyond being a vegetarian, he improved Apple’s environmental image by withdrawing from the US […] Read more

Jinko Solar Promises to Clean Up Toxic Mess $JKS

Chinese solar maker Jinko Solar (NYSE:JKS) promised to clean up its toxic waste only after protestors stormed its factory. 500 Chinese protestors broke into Jinko’s factory, ransacking offices and overturning vehicles, after toxic waste released into a river killed large numbers of fish. According to China’s state media agency, the factory’s waste disposal facilities have failed pollution tests […] Read more

JinkoSolar Cleans Up Solar Factory Toxic Spill $JKS

A Chinese solar panel company has apologized for a devastating toxic spill at one of its manufacturing plants in August and vowed to clean up the pollution after four days of protests outside its headquarters. According to reports, solid waste contaminated with high levels of fluoride leaked from a plant owned by JinkoSolar Holding Company […] Read more

Toxic Landfill to Be Converted to Solar Farm in New Jersey

Six acres of a 90-acre landfill in Gloucester, New Jersey will soon be occupied by 6,500 solar panels capable powering the equivalent of 1,100 typical U.S. homes for an entire year. Clean Harbors Environmental Services, theMassachusetts-based hazardous waste cleanup company — one of the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere — will carry out […] Read more

Does Cadmium Telluride Make Solar Toxic?

Advancements in solar technology and therapidly-expanding landscape of photovoltaic arrays is raising concernsabout environmental toxicity — namely the use of Cadmium telluride (CdTe) in most photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The question of what happens when indictments of current energysources are also levied towards alternative sources is an important one. Does renewable energy pass the same […] Read more