12 May

In Focus: The Chemicals in Chicago’s Air


Scientists have found that Chicago’s air is infested with chemicals courtesy of airborne compounds that …

02 Mar

Chinese ‘Cancer Villages’


Alarming headlines from around the World are sharing the toxic tragedy regarding the current ticking …

26 Feb

Solar Manufacturing: Not as Toxic as Fossil Fuels


Everybody knows that once solar’s installed, it doesn’t pollute. But some of the materials in …

12 Oct

Steve Jobs Helped Apple Remove Toxic Chemicals from Products $AAPL

The Green Market Oracle

Steve Jobs was an innovative technological genius, but he should also be remembered for his …

27 Sep

Jinko Solar Promises to Clean Up Toxic Mess $JKS


Chinese solar maker Jinko Solar (NYSE:JKS) promised to clean up its toxic waste only after protestors …

20 Sep

JinkoSolar Cleans Up Solar Factory Toxic Spill $JKS

Yale Environment 360

A Chinese solar panel company has apologized for a devastating toxic spill at one of …

22 Sep

Toxic Landfill to Be Converted to Solar Farm in New Jersey

Six acres of a 90-acre landfill in Gloucester, New Jersey will soon be occupied by 6,500 …

08 Jun

Does Cadmium Telluride Make Solar Toxic?

Energy Boom

Advancements in solar technology and therapidly-expanding landscape of photovoltaic arrays is raising concernsabout environmental toxicity …