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Fast Charging Batteries: Electrolytes Inside

Fast Charging Batteries: Electrolytes Inside

Scientists in Japan have developed an innovative electrolyte that may be the key to the next great breakthrough in advanced lithium-ion batteries. The three primary functional components of a lithium-ion battery are the positive and negative electrodes and electrolyte. Generally, the negative electrode of a conventional lithium-ion cell is made from carbon. The positive electrode


Reproducing Nuclear Reactor Damage in the Lab

A new $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will enable University of Michigan engineering researchers to advance the understanding of how radiation damages nuclear reactor components by reproducing nuclear reactor damage under controlled conditions. The work could enable engineers to predict when and how components in nuclear power reactors will wear out,

The Toshiba Biblio Leaf Solar eReader

What is it After LG launched its first solar-powered E-book reader over a yearago, we were pretty confident that other companies will soon follow thetrend. Justifying our hopes, Toshiba and KDDI have unveiled a uniquelydesigned e-book reader called the Biblio Leaf. Featuring a 6-inch e-ink display, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, the Biblio Leaf includes 2GB


Residential Solar Cell Systems by Toshiba Corp

April 1, 2010 will have Toshiba Corp selling its residential solar cellsystems that will use SunPower Corp’s monocrystalline silicon solarbattery module.   This isn’t an April Fools joke by the company, ifthat’s what you’re thinking. The company has decided to enter theresidential solar cell system market to promote their electricappliance and smart grid businesses. In

SunPower, Toshiba in Supply Agreement (SPWRA) $SPWRA

SunPower just announced that it has signed a supply agreement withToshiba Corporation for 32 MW wort of high-efficiency solar panels.Under the agreement, SunPower will supply the solar panels to Toshibathis year, and Toshiba will use them to offer residential solar powerin Japan. In a press release, SunPower CEO Tom Werner commented on the agreement: “We

Toshiba to Supply Power System in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Okinawa is all set to make its mark in the green world, thanks toToshiba.   The company will supply the much awaited gen-next electricpower system for a power company in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Thepower system will have storage batteries which will supply electricitygenerated by sources like solar panels. The testing is said to begin in2010