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9 Things to Consider Before Going Solar

With more Americans expected install solar on their rooftops in 2012, residential provider American Solar Direct recently offered nine factors for homeowners to consider in terms of going solar. “Producing electricity from your own rooftop is getting easier and more affordable. The trends we saw in 2011 – primarily, that home solar was truly entering […] Read more

Top 10 Clean Energy Initiatives at MIT

Universities house the future, no one will deny that. Universities house the next generation of thinkers and doers, the ones that will work to make the planet better for the following generations to come. One of the primary universities that is taking clean technology to heart, understanding that its development is key for the future […] Read more

The Greening of Africa

The developing nations resting on the continent of Africa have become in recent years popular destinations for applying clean technologies, including renewable energy. Because of the excessive cost associated with transporting electricity from power plants, small-scale geothermal, wind, and solar devices have provided much energy to many rural and urban populations. Using renewable energy resource […] Read more

12 Ways to Get Snow off Solar Panels

Snow cover can shut down your solar system for days and days, even in blue-sky, sunny conditions, as our own experiencein Aurora, Colo. has repeatedly shown us. We haven’t come up with the ideal solution yet – and clearly neither has the solar industry – but below are some different approaches to dealing with snow-covered […] Read more

Top 10 Ways South Korea Embraces Cleantech

For a long time, South Korea has been completely dependent upon imported energy resources to meet its large energy consumption. Prior to the use of renewable energy technologies, South Korea was the fifth largest importer of oil. Since the mid-1990s, however, that reliance on oil has steadily decreased. And although oil does still provide a […] Read more

Top 10 Ways Calgary Keeps it Green

Calgary is a city located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the largest municipality in Alberta and the third largest within Canada. Calgary was the first Canadian city to ever host the Olympic winter games in 1988. Calgary is often recognized as the primary leader in Canada in the gas and oil industry. […] Read more

Top 10 Cleantech Initiatives of Houston

Houston is one of the major cities in Texas. As part of a state-wide effort to become more cleantech friendly, including the use of renewable energy and energy efficient products, Houston has been doing what it can to work toward sustainability. This includes making changes in buildings, throughout transportation, the city’s infrastructure, increasing renewable and […] Read more

10 Green Businesses that have Arrived

Decades ago, many people didn’t care about environmentally-friendly businesses and what they had to offer. Promises of natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and social responsibility were not a priority for the average shopper. But the times have changed and people have turned a new leaf to the idea of going green and are using more natural, […] Read more

10 Anti-Earth Congressmen

That’s the Los Angeles Times editorial board opening its “Year in Review: Congress’ 10 biggest enemies of the Earth,” what they call “Observations and provocations from The Times’ Opinion staff.” Here are the opponents 10 to 8: 10. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. Thought to be the biggest lifetime recipient of oil-industry contributions in the Senate, […] Read more

Top 10 Ways Madrid is Keeping it Green

Madrid is the magnificent capital city of Spain, a European country that resides along the Iberian Peninsula. It is thought of to be a major global leader within the clean technology industry, including the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental sustainability. While it is a capital of a major country in Western Europe, […] Read more

Top 10 Ways Sydney Australia Keeps it Green

Sydney is the largest and most populated city in all of Australia. It is also the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is known as a global center for the arts, culture, fashion, commerce, music, entertainment, tourism, and education. It was home to the 2000 Olympic summer games and the 2003 Rugby World Cup final […] Read more

The 10 Coolest Solar Concept Vehicles of 2011

For years now, automobile manufacturers around the world have been working on suitable ways to harness the solar energy to give power to the car engine. The effort is directed towards making the use of renewable sources of energy efficient and inexpensive. The numerous solar powered concepts brought forth in 2011 bear testimony to the […] Read more

Top 10 Eco Friendly Cell Phones

Green mobiles are the latest innovation from cell phone manufacturers. Many cell phone companies have come up with environment friendly mobile phones, keeping their customers’ concern for environment as a priority. These mobile phones are made from polymer compounds and metals. Some of these organisations also divert a part of their profit towards eco-friendly development. […] Read more

10 Ways Berlin Keeps it Green

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is commonly referred to as one of the global leaders within the renewable energy economy, as, for example, it is the top cleantech exporting country, with more than a 16 percent share within the international cleantech trade. With multiple avenues to promote clean technologies, including an exit market, early adopters […] Read more