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Q-Cells, MEMC join forces to build large-scale solar parks

Q-Cells, MEMC join forces to build large-scale solar parks

The 50-megawatt (MW) ground-mounted, on-grid site will be the largest solar park built in Germany using polycrystalline solar cells. QCI says the project will be built and linked to the grid by the end of the year, at which time it will be sold to an external investor. Under the terms of the joint venture,


Happy (Energy) Independence Day!

As a special Fourth of July treat, here’s a sampler of someintriguing Web-based graphics related to solar power. Think of it ascandy for the eye, brain and spirit. Tracking oil imports over 35 years Led by Amory Lovins, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)has been promoting smarter energy policies and practices for decades.The graphic above comes


SB 1403| Arizona solar jobs bill in limbo

Just ten days ago, Arizona state Senator Barbara Leff  (R-ParadiseValley) stood before a House committee, making the case for a bill shehad written. “The Quality Jobs Through Renewable Energy Bill,” wasneeded, she said, to make Arizona the leader in solar [power].” Notjust in the nation, but potentially throughout the world. Leff reminded Representatives that we

Abound Solar CEO Set to Retire

Abound Solar, a thin-film startup developing cadmium-telluride solar panels, only began commercial production a month ago,but the company’s CEO Pascal Noronha now plans to retire. Or rather,he’s "returning to retirement," the company said in a press release onThursday. Noronha plans to become the chairman of the company’s board ofdirectors by the end of this year.


Solar powered ‘Magnet’ phone brings green fun to your palm

Portablegadgets can store a limited amount of energy and demand recharging fromtime to time. Solar power is one suitable option that can providerenewable energy anywhere and anytime so that you could take maximumadvantage of your portable devices. Designer Tryi Yeh’s “Magnet phone”concept sounds ideal in this concern. Magnetmobile phone features a light OLED panel. A

Arizona’s solar future: “Dabble or dominate?”

“Dabble or dominate,” those are the choices facing Arizona, saysBarry Broome. “We’ve relied on growth and consumption for too long,” headds, “and it’s time to change.” Oh, dear. Is Broome an anti-growth radical environmentalist/socialist trash-talking the market economy? Actually, he’s about as far from that stereotype as you can get.Currently president and CEO of the


The Global Warming Formula

  “  Global Warming Potential(GWP)” is a simple and commonly used method to estimate the warmingeffects of different long-lived greenhouse gases relative to eachother. GWPs are expressed in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide, themost common and important human-induced greenhouse gas because of itsabundance and ability to absorb energy in the form of infraredradiation which produces