Fraud in the Solar Industry

While it may be impossible to get ransom for rays of sunshine, fraud is becoming a more prevalent problem in the PV solar industry. Growth and the steady adoption of PV technology are great for solar business but for every positive opportunity there is a negative risk -electrical pun intended.  Smaller boutique style solar firms […] Read more

Products That Prevent Solar Theft

Solar panel theft is on the rise, up 17 percent annually from2002-2009. As the benefits of solar energy become more widely known,theft of solar panels, or at least attempted theft, will undoubtedlyrise. There are a number of steps you can take to minimize the chance ofsolar theft: deeply engrave a marking into the metal frame of eachpanel; […] Read more

Watch Your Back: Solar Panel Theft on the Rise

Solar energy is revolutionizing the current energy market and making a comeback for the environment. Your investment in solar panels is notonly paving the way for a greener future but also saving you money onrising energy bills. Solar panels have now become the new hot commodityto own. Unfortunately, this has given rise to a new […] Read more

Companies Find Ways to Guard Solar Panels as Solar Theft Rises

Like any other material item that comes with a price tag, solar panels can (and do) get stolen.With reports of solar panel theft coming out of countries as far awayas South Africa, Australia or Britain, it’s not a phenomenon particularto California, which has seen solar panels filched from buildingsranging from public schools to wineries and […] Read more