07 Oct

Liberty Interactive Invests $300M in Solana


Abengoa Solar’s first giant concentrating solar power system in the U.S., the 280 megawatt Solana …

04 Oct

Shared Renewable Energy Program Welcomed in Orlando


America has long questioned whether or not customers would be interested in renewable energy as …

03 Oct

Massive Ivanpah Project Goes Live


The world’s largest concentrating solar plant is now sending  electricity to the grid from California’s Mohave Desert - Ivanpah Solar …

18 Sep

In Focus: Home Solar Tech

Cooler Planet

It’s a widespread belief that renewable energy can only make so much of an impact …

11 Sep

PV Industry Recovery: Is It Happening?

The Solarserver

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has been struggling for almost two years. Massive over-capacity …

03 Sep

5 Reasons Solar is Beating Fossil Fuels


The solar industry is growing drastically every year, while fossil fuels continue to be phased …

03 Sep

New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”


In an interesting switch, a 113-year-old building in Albany, New York is being transformed into a ”Smart Cities” hub. …

26 Aug

Solar Crowdfunding: Lessons Learned

Greentech Media

We have two broken systems — energy and finance — that conspire to support a …

24 Aug

Solar: The Great Payback?

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

The most common question I hear when discussing the value of solar is to ask: …

12 Aug

IBM Wants More Solar & Wind in the Smart Grid


Computing giant IBM has developed an advanced power and weather modeling technology that will increase …

30 Jul

BMW’s All Electric i3 Debuts


It’s official. The BMW Group has debuted its first car to be designed and built …

29 Jul

GE to 3D Print Gas Turbines

The Daily Fusion

Over the last 10 years, engineers at GE Aviation have been perfecting a new manufacturing …