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Minnesota’s Value of Solar

Minnesota’s Value of Solar

In March 2014, Minnesota became the first state to adopt a “value of solar” policy. It may fundamentally change the financial relationship between electric utilities and their energy-producing customers. It may also serve as a precedent for setting a transparent, market-based price for solar energy. This report explains the origins of value of solar, the


60% of Solar PV Comes from China

In the first half of 2013 shipments of PV modules reached 15 gigawatts with about 60 percent coming from Chinese PV, according to new TrendForce data. The news could spell trouble particularly for European PV manufacturers who aren’t able to compete with the inexpensive modules coming from China. It also appeared that of the 54


Chinese Solar Tariffs Upheld by ITC

In a widely expected move, the International Trade Commission ruled  US solar manufacturers were harmed by the pricing tactics of Chinese competitors – affirming a series of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tariffs imposed by the US Department of Commerce in October. Here’s their statement: “The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) today determined that a US industry is materially


China: Challenging Selected EU Solar Subsidies

After nearly a year of debate, the United States’ Commerce Department delivered a final ruling in October in regards to tariffs for Chinese-manufactured solar panels. The Commerce Department, in finding that China has in fact been illegally “dumping” solar products on the American marketplace, will impose 34 – 47% tariffs on about 60 Chinese solar panel manufacturers. Tariffs


More SolarWorld Drama

As I was looking at the stories crossing the wires a few minutes ago, two in particular grabbed my attention. The first was a story about a report that the state-owned China Development Bank is planning to continue its support for Chinese solar panel manufacturers: China Development Bank Corp. plans to renew a pledge of support


Green Technology Duties Eased in Asia-Pacific Regions

Despite ongoing solar industry trade disputes involving China, a group of 22 Asia-Pacific nations has agreed to reduce import duties for green technologies that grow their economies without hurting the environment starting in 2015, reports The New York Times. The agreement by the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum sets import duties of 5% or

China to improve renewable energy financing

EU Considers Tariffs on Chinese Solar Products

The European Union began their investigation this morning into allegations that Chinese solar companies have violated world trade agreements by “dumping” solar products on the global market. The New York Times reports that, in terms of value, this is the “world’s biggest anti-dumping investigation.” In 2011, Chinese solar products imported to Europe equated to 6.5


Will the Chinese Solar Tariffs Benefit India?

Indian consulting company Bridge to India released a statement saying that the proposed US tariffs against Chinese PV solar imports could actually be an enormous help to India, allowing it to become an alternative manufacturer. Such an event would also enable Indian PV solar companies to levy similar tariffs against Chinese solar imports. The threat


Will Chinese Solar Tariffs Increase Domestic Costs?

While the proposed tariffs on China-manufactured solar panels aim to increase competitiveness for US panels, Lux Research predicts they will just drive costs upward on all solar panels. “It’s not going to have a positive impact on the solar market,” said Fatima Toor, an analyst with Lux Research, an independent research and analytics firm. Solar industry


Profiting from the Current Solar Crisis

The U.S imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on China-made solar cells has brought out unintended beneficiaries and losers. I had explained in an earlier post that US-based polysilicon factories and solar equipment makers will be hurt due to this decision. They will probably face Chinese government duties on imports of polysilicon and equipment where