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Solar Enters Retirement Portfolios

Solar Enters Retirement Portfolios

Today’s life expectancy in America is eight years longer than it was in 1970. That’s eight more years to enjoy retirement; and eight more years of savings to put away. In a challenging economy, there are various factors that can threaten a comfortable retirement, such as declining property values and interest rates, higher living and health


Alternative Energy ETF’s and Mutual Funds are Killing It

Alternative energy MFs racked up extremely robust gains in the past year. Returns range from a low of 16%, to a high of 64% for a mutual fund that is heavy into solar investments. ETFs also did well, but returns are much more variable. They range from a loss of 34% for a carbon ETF,


Solar ETFs Lag Overall Market $TAN $FAN

President Obama has pledged to increase U.S. exports to boost theeconomy. Solar energy is apparently pulling its weight in that regard,yet solar ETFs are putting up painful numbers. The domestic solar power industry is helping the Obama administration to reach its goal of creating more jobs on U.S. turf. So far, it’s working: exports are

Solar ETFs : Sizzling $TAN $KWT

About five months ago, a major push was given to the solar industry by the Asian Development Bank. Can this initiative put some force behind solar exchange traded funds (ETFs)? Under the plan, the bank will implement a variety of solar powerprojects that will push capacity to six times what it is today. InIndia, the

This Weekn in the Markets: Dow, NASDAQ Up; Solar Slips $qqqq $tan

March continues strongso far The Dow andNASDAQ gained more momentum this week. Gaining 117 points, the DJIAclosed Friday at 10741.98. Since February 26 the Dow has gained 417points, a 4% rise. The NASDAQ rose 7 points to finish at 2374.41.However, stocks in the 20SSI composite slipped 13 points to finish at371.55, nearly a 4% dip


March 8-12: Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Gain Yet Again $tan $qqqq

Solar stocks beat major indexes Aftera lackluster February, U.S. stocks posted a second straight week ofgains. The Dow gained 58 points to finish at 10624.69, a .6% upswingfrom last Friday. The NASDAQ did better by jumping 41 points andclosing at 2367.66, a 1.8% surge from last week. Solar stocks in the20SSI surpassed both major indexes

Solar Energy ETFs May Start to Pick Up (TAN,KWT)

 The lights went out on solar-energy ETFs in February, which droppedby double digits for the month. The good news? Incentive programs andgovernment financing are revitalizing the ailing sector. Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy (NYSEArca: TAN) and Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF (NYSEArca: KWT) fell 11% last month, writes Kevin Baker for TheStreet. First Solar (NYSE: FSLR)

How Clean Energy ETFs Have Fared Of Late

You can’t really complain about the returns in any clean energy ETF over the past few months… A quick quarterly calculation of QCLN, PBD, PBW, GEX, FAN, andTAN—all exchange-traded funds comprised of U.S. and foreign-listedclean energy stocks—shows that each and every one of those tickers hasreturned better than 40%. That’s compared to just around 18%

This Week: Dow Down, NASDAQ Up; Solar Dips About 2%

Banking sector giving investors heebee-jeebies Thesix-week climb for the Dow ended today when the index fell 55 pointsfrom last week. However, NASDAQ kept its streak going with a 21.22 netincrease for the week. The select 20 Solar Stock Index fell for thesecond straight week down about 2%. The mixedperformance is attributed to the shakiness of