HED International Introduces LabCast System For Thick-Film Research

HED International, based in Ringoes, N.J., has releasedthe LabCast laboratory tabletop coating/casting system. The product isdesigned for industry research and engineering development of thickfilms, including those used in photovoltaics. The affordableLabCast is ideal for fabricating highly uniform sheets of flexible filmas thin as .0005 inches, the company says. Films are readily web-castfrom a wide variety […] Read more

Sunpower Installs Solar Power System For Harvard (SPWRA)

Sunpower just announced that it has finished installing a 500KWsolar power system for Harvard University. The system, which has beeninstalled on top of the Arsenal on the Charles complex, was built withSunPower T5 Solar Roof Tile and should generate enough energy to power83 homes, offsetting 367 metric tons of CO2 annually. In a press release, […] Read more

ULVAC Introduces Charging System With PV, EV Charger

Tokyo-based ULVAC Inc. has developed and launcheda new product combining a photovoltaic power-generation facility with arapid charger for electric vehicles (EVs). The company has received itsfirst order from Chigasaki City. The photovoltaicpower-generation facility complies with the requirements formulti-purpose power-generation systems, coordinating photovoltaic powergeneration with commercial power facilities, and includes solar panels,a power conditioner, power supply […] Read more

MoDOT’s Solar Powered Heating System Will Clear Bridges of Snow and Rain

Crossing a bridge and getting to the other side sure is difficultduring snow and rain.   Keeping this in mind, a new heating systempowered by solar energy will be used by the Missouri Department ofTransportation (MoDOT) and will be installed by Pave GuardTechnologies, a Kansas City firm. Scheduled to be first installed ontwo bridges along […] Read more

Solar Membrane Distillation System Being Developed

Solar heat trapped at the bottom of a solar pond and used to power amembrane distillation system using an artificial salt –gradientstratification process is being worked on by Fransico Saurez.   Usingsolar energy, the system desalinates water and makes it drinkable andfree from salts and impurities. This system will help maintain theecological balance of closed-basin […] Read more

SunPower and SolarPower dedicate 50 KW solar power system for HP in Israel

SunPower Corp., a US-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells,solar panels and solar systems, and SolarPower Ltd., an Israeli solarpower system integrator and project developer, today dedicated a50-kilowatt rooftop solar power system at HP’s Indigo division facilityin Kiryat-Gat, Israel. SolarPower designed and built the systemwith high-efficiency SunPower solar panels. Construction on the projectbegan in October. "By […] Read more

SunPower, SolarPower Ltd. Dedicates 50 kW Solar Power System For HP In Israel

SunPower Corp.,a U.S.-based manufacturer of solar cells, solar panels and solarsystems, and SolarPower Ltd., an Israeli solar power system integratorand project developer, has dedicated a 50 kW rooftop solar power system at HP’s Indigo division facility in Kiryat-Gat, Israel. SolarPower designed and built the system with SunPower solar panels. Construction on the project began in […] Read more

Wells Fargo finances 1 MW SunPower solar power system at UC Merced

Wells Fargo and SunPower Corp. announced that financing has beencompleted on the 1-megawatt solar power system commissioned last monthat the University of California, Merced. SunPower financed thesystem with Wells Fargo through a $100 million sale leaseback financingprogram announced by the companies in June of this year. "SunPoweroffers high performance solar technology and financing expertise thathelps […] Read more

Trina Solar Inaugurates 40 MW Rooftop Photovoltaic System

Trina Solar Ltd. has inaugurated what the company says is the largest rooftop solar system in Europe. The project has a capacity of 40 MW. Therooftop solar system was built for a global logistics service providerwith headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The installation was completedwith solar modules supplied by Trina Solar under a sales agreementbetween the […] Read more

DIY Solar Part 6: Planning the System Install

Ok, we’ve got solar panels,we’ve got tools, now we’re ready to start putting them up! Woohoo! Wellhold on there partner, the better we plan this out the smoother theinstall will be. So let’s take a minute and a piece of paper to figureout how we’re going to do this. Simple Roof DiagramMostbuilding departments will require […] Read more

Akeena’s Andalay System Now Available At Lowe’s, Shares Skyrocket (AKNS)

Solar panels are now hitting the mainstream, at least in California.  Homeowners can now purchase Akeena Solar’s (AKNS) Andalay AC solar panelsat 21 Lowe’s stores throughout Cali and are featured as part of storesEnergy Center (maybe Green Energy Center is a better name!).  TheEnergy Center at Lowe’s allows customers to calculate the solar andwind energy […] Read more

Eco Shell Multi-Use Building System By Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen’slatest creation is a multi-use building that explores and promotes theuse of existing agricultural building components in order to provide analternative, energy-efficient and sustainable way in which to enclosespace. Dubbed the Eco Shell Multi-Use Building System, the building isbased on the use of recycled steel and renewable energy. Thestrong steel arches are simply bolted […] Read more

Constellation Energy to develop Maryland’s largest solar PV power system

Constellation Energy has been selected by the state of Maryland todevelop an approximately 15.9 megawatt DC (13.5 MW/AC) solarphotovoltaic power installation under the state’s Generating CleanHorizons initiative. This installation will represent the bulkof a 17.1 megawatt DC (14.5 MW/AC), approximately $60 million solarfacility that will be constructed, owned, operated and maintained byConstellation Energy on land […] Read more

Sunlight Solar Installs PV System At CT Nature Lab

Sunlight Solar Energy Inc., a solar electric and solar hot water installation contractor with an office in Milford, Conn., has installed a 35 kW solar electric system atop the John Dorr Nature Laboratory in Washington, Conn. Thesystem, comprising 105 SunPower 305 W panels, is estimated to supplyabout one-quarter of the building’s electrical needs. The installationwas […] Read more