16 Nov

University of Delaware To Host Big Rooftop Solar Energy System

Its Energy Institute is recognized as the oldest solar energylaboratory in the country, having hosted …

15 Nov

GET to receive GT Solar milestone system to reach 1GW capacity $SOLR

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Solar wafer company Green Energy Technology announced that it will reach milestone capacity 1GW with …

03 Nov

FirstEnergy, Ballard Power Systems Testing World’s Largest Fuel Cell System

Energy Refuge

A new utility-scale fuel cell system that could potentially powermore than 600 homes and produce …

28 Oct

The i-Cool Solar Air Conditioning System


ICL Co Ltd, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp and Nippon Fruehauf Co joined forces to develop a …

26 Oct

Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

Solar Industry

SolFocus, a developer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, says that Vision Electro Mechanical Co., …

26 Oct

Newark Public Schools Installs 1.2 MW Solar System


Theo Romeo New Jersey is about to school the rest of the nation in solar …

25 Oct

Groovy: Solar Portable Stereo System Made from a Suitcase


Eco Factor: Solar-powered portable stereo system made from suitcase. Now do the tango with vintage …

24 Oct

The Portable Personal Energy Trailer System from Saving Energy Solar


Saving Energy Solar have debuted a portable, personal energy trailer system called PETS or the …

22 Oct

New System Can Help Predict Photovoltaic Solar Output Variability

Energy Refuge

The variability of cloud patterns is a problem for solar powercapturing, especially for larger solar …

16 Oct

MIT Researchers Develop Portable Solar Desalination System


A research team from MIT’s Field and Space Robotics Laboratory inthe Department of Mechanical Engineering …

14 Oct

SunPower Starts Building Macy’s Solar System

SunPower Corporation, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, willsoon improve Arizona’s already impressive solar power portfolio. …

12 Oct

Solyndra Debuts New System Series

Solar Industry

Solyndra Inc., a manufacturer of cylindrical photovoltaic systems forlarge commercial rooftops, has introduced its Solyndra …