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Groovy: Solar Portable Stereo System Made from a Suitcase

Groovy: Solar Portable Stereo System Made from a Suitcase

Eco Factor: Solar-powered portable stereo system made from suitcase. Now do the tango with vintage suitcases. No, I am kidding. Acreative designer has upcycled street-worthy hardcover suitcases into athundering stereo system. Designed by Mr. SiMo, the BoomCase is aself-powered, portable suitcase stereo system that offers 7+ hours ofnonstop music on a single charge. All you


The Portable Personal Energy Trailer System from Saving Energy Solar

Saving Energy Solar have debuted a portable, personal energy trailer system called PETS or the Personal Energy Trailer System. Able to fiton a towing trailer the portable systems photovoltaic panels can beopened or folded for transport. Being projected as a great option to gooff grid, the system can be used for residential power or for


New System Can Help Predict Photovoltaic Solar Output Variability

The variability of cloud patterns is a problem for solar powercapturing, especially for larger solar farm operations. If gridoperators could forecast or predict these changes before they occur,they would be in a better position to manage load on their grids.Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories looked into the problem andcame up with a new system to

MIT Researchers Develop Portable Solar Desalination System

A research team from MIT’s Field and Space Robotics Laboratory inthe Department of Mechanical Engineering has designed an environmentally friendly water desalination system that runs on solar energy. Thesystem is aimed to be used in disaster-struck areas where providingpotable water is a challenge. While conventional desalination systems require enormousinfrastructure and lots of energy, MIT’s system

SunPower Starts Building Macy’s Solar System

SunPower Corporation, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, willsoon improve Arizona’s already impressive solar power portfolio. Thecompany has started construction of a 3.5-megawatt (MW) solar energysystem atop the Macy’s fulfillment center in Goodyear, Arizona. Whencompleted, it will be the largest single-rooftop solar energy system inthe U.S., according to a company statement. The system is made up of SunPower’s E19

Solyndra Debuts New System Series

Solyndra Inc., a manufacturer of cylindrical photovoltaic systems forlarge commercial rooftops, has introduced its Solyndra 200 Series. The panels in the 200 Series systems are lightweight, have no need forpenetrations or ballasting and can be installed faster than flat panels, Solyndra explains. In addition, the optimized light collection improves the panels’ ability to capture direct,

Sandia National Laboratories Develop Solar Energy Production Forecasting System

Harnessing solar energy with photovoltaic panels is a great idea,but the changing weather stands as a major hurdle in its way. One of the challenges for power companies in effectively utilizing solar energy on a large scale is the ability to predict and prepare for fluctuations in electricity generation due to changes in weather –

Alpha Grainger Completes 435K Solar System

Alpha Grainger Manufacturing, a Franklin, MA company, has completed a 435K solar power system at its manufacturing facilities. The company fabricatesspecialized screws, fasteners nails, bolts, and locks for cars, planes,medical devices, and electronics. The installation consists of 1,575 Suntech 275-watt solar panels over a 90,000 square foot area, one of the biggest roof-mounted commercial solar

Solar Chips? Frito-Lay Installs 1 MW Solyndra PV System $PEP

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America Modesto, Calif., manufacturingfacility has installed a cylindrical solar photovoltaic system fromSolyndra on its rooftop. The 1 MW system is the largest Solyndrainstallation in the U.S., according to the companies. The project consists of approximately 5,600 panels, covering 247,000 square feet,and was completed in eight weeks. Peak production will reduce theplant’s electricity


Solaris Sun Shading System Concept from José Vicente

The Solaris is a sustainable sun shading system designed by industrial designer José Vicente. The system has been conceptualized to provide a new working/leisurespace that allows individuals to work in the open air at any place oftheir choice. The internet revolution has allowed many individuals towork from their homes, which helps them save some carbon

Sunvalley Solar awarded $3 million solar system installation contract

Sunvalley Solar Inc., a leading provider of solar power technology andsolar system integration company, has signed another commercial solarinstallation contract in Thermal City (Palm Spring area) with Felix Chao Chuo Farm Inc. The dramatic, 653 Kilowatt installation includesthree solar systems comprised of 6,876 solar panels and has a totalcontract value of over $3 million. Sunvalley


Denver Airport to Host Largest Solar PV System in Colorado

Four separate companies are teaming up in Colorado to install thestate’s largest photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system at DenverInternational Airport (DIA). The 4.4-megawatt (MW) system will be owned and operated byConstellation Energy, a supplier of energy products to retail andwholesale electrcity and natural gas consumers. Constellation will sellDIA the electricity produced by the system through a

Cypress Semiconductor, SunPower Donate 322 kW PV System

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and SunPower Corp. have made a joint donation of a 322 kW PV system to the Second HarvestFood Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California. The SunPower system, valued at $1.1 million, will be installed at thenonprofit organization’s headquarters, located on Curtner Ave. in SanJose. The installation is expected