16 Jun

Supply and Demand in Solar Materials Market


An increased focus on quality will drive growth in the materials market that supports solar …

29 Oct

Why Natural Gas Prices Matter


U.S. natural gas prices have fallen to lows not seen in a decade and have …

28 Oct

Ed Dolan Discusses Affordable Energy

We were fortunate enough to speak with the well known economist Ed Dolan on various …

19 Sep

Louisiana’s Solar Boom: Just Getting Started


Louisiana’s solar market presents a baffling study of what happens when market forces come face-to-face …

19 Sep

Green Skills Needed to Become An Energy Contractor

The Green Market Oracle

Since 2005, the nonresidential green construction market has grown from two percent to 41 percent …

23 Aug

In Focus: Off-Grid Renewable Energy


At the beginning of August 2012, the world’s biggest power outage hit India leaving 600 …

28 Jun

Germany Finalizes FiT Cuts; China Ready to Step Up


The long awaited decision on the final cuts to Germany solar feed-in tariff (FiT) has …

01 Jun

Coming Soon: Solar Grid Parity


Solar energy is en route to grid parity within the next few years, according to …

29 May

Solar Polysilicon Capacity Expansion Slows Significantly

Green World Investor

Polysilicon capacity has almost grown by 10x in the last 5-6 years as massive demand …

12 May

Record High Solar Investment Growth Will Continue


Solar power projects broke a record in 2011 with more than $209 billion of investment …

16 Apr

Increased Energy Consumption: Policy Implications

3000 Quads

So far I believe I have made a credible case that the world will consume …

05 Apr

The Great BTU Race

The world’s major central banks — including the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the European Central …