Solar Site Evaluation and the New SunEye 210

One of the leading manufacturers of solar site assessment technology announced therelease of a new version of its product today: the Solmetric SunEye 210is now available, ladies and gentleman of the solar industry. If you’renot thrilled to your fingertips, Gentle Reader, it’s probably becauseyou’re not a solar installer; but if you’re curious about why this […] Read more

National Semiconductor teams with Solmetric for PV estimation software

National Semiconductor has announced a deal with Solmetric Corp,which has developed a software tool to estimate the amount of energygenerated by a photovoltaic array and hence enhance it by outfittingthe system with National’s SolarMagic ™ power optimizers, which areused to enable solar panels to produce maximum energy regardless ofwhether other panels in the array are […] Read more