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PACE Drama Continued: Palm Desert Sues FHFA, Fannie and Freddie

PACE Drama Continued: Palm Desert Sues FHFA, Fannie and Freddie

The suit, filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco, calls theFHFA’s action in July, directing Fannie and Freddie not to providemortgages for properties that have clean energy financing assessments on them, an "arbitrary, capricious and irrational" regulation. "The regulation seeks to rewrite a century of California law,creating special rules (which the California Legislature has

LDK Solar Sues Canadian Solar $LDK $CSIQ

LDK Solar (LDK) announced this morning that it has filed an objection for arbitration before the China IntlEcon & Trade Arbitration Commission as well as a lawsuit to demandcompensation from Canadian Solar (CSIQ) due to a breach of a 10 yearsupply agreement signed in 2008.  Despite the news, shares of CSIQ areup nearly 3% today


California Sues Feds for Haulting PACE

By filing a suit on Wednesday, July 14, in an Oakland federal court,California Attorney General Jerry Brown clearly defined the battle lines in a fight that could impact the future of the clean energy industry in California. The Golden State issuing the mortgage agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along withtheir regulator, the Federal Housing Finance


California Attorney General Sues Mortgage Entities Over PACE

California Attorney General EdmundG. Brown Jr. has filed a lawsuit against government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for their actions taken againstproperty-assessed clean energy finance (PACE) programs in the U.S. "As the nation struggles through the worst recession in modern times,California is taking action in federal court to stop the regulatorystrangulation of the state’s