04 Aug

The Future of Spain’s Solar Subsidies

In Spain, even the rising industry of renewable energy is not immuneto the realities of …

27 Jun

End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Green Market Oracle

US President Barack Obama is calling on the world to end massive government subsidies that …

01 Apr

European Governments Slash Solar Subsidies After Steep Market Growth

Yale Environment 360

Government subsidies that helped fuel Europe’s most successful solar marketscontinue to be slashed, raising concerns …

30 Dec

Two Massachusetts programs will keep solar power subsidies alive

Cooler Planet

Two new programs in Massachusetts will provide subsidies for solar power projects, the state announced …

12 Oct

German Government to ‘Definitely’ Cut German Solar Subsidies

Just as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs into law a statewide feed-in tariff (see Margaret’s …

18 Sep

Thoughts on Thomas Friedman’s Sept 15th Op-Ed on Solar Investment

Buildings & Energy

In a September 15th NY Time op-ed piece, Thomas Friedman makes that case that innovative …

22 Jul

Solar Subsidies Drive Solar ETF Gains

Green Chip Stocks

Despite a drop in the key United States Oil Fund ETF (NYSE:USO),solar ETF shares are …

22 May

Suntech Eyeing Big Slice of Chinese Subsidy Pie

Greentech Media

The Chinese solar panel maker and project developer has submitted179 megawatts of applications and expects …

28 Apr

Much Ado About Solar

The Green Leap Forward

2009 may be shaping up to be the Year of Solar.  No, really. Although the …

15 Apr

Arizona Subsidies are the new California Subsidies

Greentech Media

Phoenix, Ariz–$3.00 a watt. Need I say more? The state of Arizona currently gives consumers …