Solar Subsidies Drive Solar ETF Gains

Despite a drop in the key United States Oil Fund ETF (NYSE:USO),solar ETF shares are decoupling and outperforming other key energy ETFsover the past week. The reason is an action-packed July where the U.S. and China both promised huge flows of money into solar power projects. Earlierin the month, the U.S. Department of Energy and […] Read more

Suntech Eyeing Big Slice of Chinese Subsidy Pie

The Chinese solar panel maker and project developer has submitted179 megawatts of applications and expects to be one of the firstsubsidy recipients. China only announced its first national solar subsidy program twomonths ago, and already it has reportedly received a whopping number ofapplications. Suntech Power Holdings said Thursday it has submitted applicationsworth 179 megawatts by […] Read more

Much Ado About Solar

2009 may be shaping up to be the Year of Solar.  No, really. Although the Chinese solar manufacturing industry has been in aworld of hurt for the past half year, things may be starting to turnaround.  Since the announcement of the first solar concession, thenational Solar Roofs Program and Jiangsu province’s possible solarincentives (see previous […] Read more

Arizona Subsidies are the new California Subsidies

Phoenix, Ariz–$3.00 a watt. Need I say more? The state of Arizona currently gives consumers who buy solar systemsa $3.00 a watt subsidy on systems they install. That’s nearly twice the$1.55 per watt subsidy that California offers. Put another way, a consumer that puts a 5 kilowatt system on his orher house can expect to […] Read more