Huge Strides for the Massachusetts Solar PV Industry

Today, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) announced the enormous progress they have made toward the state’s solar energy goals.  Moving forward, they will keep the community aware of new developments in a similar quarterly update. Some highlights from this afternoon’s announcement include: -  Since Governor Deval Patrick took office in 2007:    The installed solar capacity […] Read more

U.S. Military Makes Strides in Energy Efficiency, Solar, Other Renewables

Did you know that the U.S. military is making some considerableprogress in the realms of energy efficiency and renewable energy? It’strue. Consider the following not-so-exhaustive list: The Air Force is working on plans for a concentrating solar power plant in Hawaii. The U.S. Marine Corps is utilizing something called the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy System, […] Read more

Solar Making Strides to Cost Parity

One of the benefits of investing in solar energy technology is that with or without government tax incentives, it is taking less time than everfor people to see a financial return on their purchase costs. The growing efficiency of photovoltaic technology means that researchers arecloser than ever to achieving cost parity with fossil fuels, which […] Read more