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San Diego Street Lights Now Online

San Diego Street Lights Now Online

San Diego will soon become the first U.S. city to link its street lights to the Industrial Internet via an “intelligent” lighting system called LightGrid. The new system, which was developed by GE Lighting, will replace 3,000 city lamps with LED lights equipped with GPS beacons and wireless controls technology to measure and manage energy usage. According


HUGE: Los Angeles Converting All Streetlights to LEDs

In the largest street lighting retrofit ever undertaken by a city,  Los Angeles is in the process of converting its 210,000 street lights to energy efficient LEDs. Although the idea of switching the kind of lighting used may seem boring, street lights are responsible for 40% of cities’ energy bills, according to Pike Research, … and therefore, energy consumption.


Solar Bus Shelters Powering Street Lights in California

The City of Perris, Calif. is preparing to install six solar-powered bus shelters in different locations around the city. The grid-tied shelters will have 1.2-kilowatt solar arrays on their roofs, said city planner Clara Miramontes. They’ll also be connected to traffic lights at the location, offsetting their energy use. “The solar bus shelters will be


The Mango Solar Street Lamp Concept

Mango is an eco friendly street light concept for India from a Hungarian designer, Adam Mikloski. Designed in the shape of a mango leaf, the LED powered street lamp concept can gather both rainwater and sunlight for recycling power. In India, monsoons bring huge downpours and summers are marked with bright sunlight. Therefore, this unique

Solar Streetlights by Loopwing Korea

In an effort to reduce demand for grid electricity, Loopwing Koreahas demonstrated new streetlights and renewable energy generators at the Renewable Energy World 2010. The loopwing-type wind power generatorshave a unique loop-shaped wing structure which makes it possible toconvert wind speeds as low as 2m/s into electricity. The unique design also helps the product generate


Solar Streetlights Come to Cambodia

Korea-based design studio, Nothing Design Group, has collaborated with Asiana Airlines and Korea International Cooperation Agency, to install solar-powered streetlamps in a world cultural heritage site in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The solar-powered streetlamps have been installed to provide safetyto tourists visiting the heritage site, without having any impact on the delicate ecosystem. The completed


Concept Solar Streetlights from Lighting Science Group

Lighting Science Group has created a new range of LED streetlights that run entirelyindependent of local power grids. The sustainable streetlights harvestsolar energy to power a series of energy saving lights, which are beingclaimed to be more efficient that regular HID streetlights. The new PROLIFIC Series Roadway Streetlights are being installed on a 14 mile


Chicago Suburb Gets Hybrid Streetlights

Downers Grove, Illinois is lighting the way when itcomes to hybrid street lights. Using a combination of solar, wind and battery power, the PrentissCreek Subdivision in Downers Grove is the first residential subdivisionin the United States with hybrid street lights. In 2008, the Prentiss Creek Homeowner’s Association (HOA) requestedstreet lights for its unlit neighborhood. While

Da Vinci Hybrid Wind and Solar Streetlights

A Michigan street is shining a bit brighter with the help of a brand new hybrid lighting system. Earlier this month, the Ramsond Corporation installed its first Da Vinci Hybrid Wind & Solar Lighting System in the West Bloomfield Township Hall parking lot. The first of its kind in the USA, the system uses a combination ofsolar


City Leaves make streets elegant, serve as solar streetlights after dark

Folksover at Marco De Gregorio have designed a stunning way to make thestreets of tomorrow elegant and illuminate them with green energy afterdark. Known as the “City Leaves”, the conceptual streetlights areaesthetically designed to resemble natural forms. The system comes withphotovoltaic panels that harness the energy of the sun during daytimeand store it in on-board


Solar cells for highways generate electricity even at night

Solaroad Technologieshas developed new a kind of solar module for highways that can generateelectricity even at night by converting light from headlights of carsinto electricity. Electrawall, as the system has been named, comes in acircular shape, which the company claims allows the system to generatemuch more energy than flat panels. The energy generated by theElectrawall