31 Jan

San Diego Street Lights Now Online

The Daily Fusion

San Diego will soon become the first U.S. city to link its street lights to …

13 Mar

150K Solar Street Lights Planned in Mecca

No More Naked Roofs

The scale of this solar street lighting project in the Saudi Arabian holy city of …

30 Jan

HUGE: Los Angeles Converting All Streetlights to LEDs


In the largest street lighting retrofit ever undertaken by a city,  Los Angeles is in the process …

28 Jan

Solar Bus Shelters Powering Street Lights in California


The City of Perris, Calif. is preparing to install six solar-powered bus shelters in different …

14 Feb

The Mango Solar Street Lamp Concept


Mango is an eco friendly street light concept for India from a Hungarian designer, Adam …

29 Sep

Solar Streetlights by Loopwing Korea


In an effort to reduce demand for grid electricity, Loopwing Koreahas demonstrated new streetlights and …

26 Aug

Solar Streetlights Come to Cambodia


Korea-based design studio, Nothing Design Group, has collaborated with Asiana Airlines and Korea International Cooperation …

21 Aug

Concept Solar Streetlights from Lighting Science Group


Lighting Science Group has created a new range of LED streetlights that run entirelyindependent of …

07 Apr

Chicago Suburb Gets Hybrid Streetlights

Energy Boom

Downers Grove, Illinois is lighting the way when itcomes to hybrid street lights. Using a …

01 Oct

Da Vinci Hybrid Wind and Solar Streetlights

Energy Boom

A Michigan street is shining a bit brighter with the help of a brand new …

08 Jul

City Leaves make streets elegant, serve as solar streetlights after dark


Folksover at Marco De Gregorio have designed a stunning way to make thestreets of tomorrow …

28 May

Solar cells for highways generate electricity even at night


Solaroad Technologieshas developed new a kind of solar module for highways that can generateelectricity even …