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LED Streetlights from Bridgelux

LED Streetlights from Bridgelux

Bridgelux, the LED startup that has traditionally put its technology into other customers’ lighting systems, has just launched a new business that could put it into competition with those same customers in the growing market of LED streetlights. Bridgelux announced Thursday that it’s partnering with Chevron Energy Solutions, the energy services arm of the giant

The Sola LED Streetlight from KAIST

Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology havedeveloped high-performance solar-powered streetlight – Sola LED. Thestreet lamp uses sun’s energy to power onboard LED light forillumination. The energy-efficient system features sun-tracking solarpanels that better the output of the entire system. Energy generated by solar panels is stored in high-performance lithium batteries, which allows thelights

Solar Streetlight Concept by Vinaccia Integral Design

Fusing nature and technology, designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design haveconceptualized the Solar Tree – an innovative street lighting systemthat gets powered by renewable solar energy. The Solar Trees are atribute to the energy and beauty of Mother Nature. The tree-shaped structures have six branches, each of which isequipped with monocrystalline silicon solar cells that


The Embryo Solar and Wind Streetlight

The industry is flooded with environmentally friendly conceptdesigns, but often we notice that these designs are either impracticalor not cost effective. However, designer Harsha Vardhan’s “Embryo”streetlight concept design looks completely practical and effective.Taking inspiration from a living sprout, he has designed a concept thatnot only generates energy for itself, but also for other needs. Hisdesign