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Preparing for a Solar PV Installation

Preparing for a Solar PV Installation

As our co-founder and president Raina Russo talked about in her post on what to expect during a solar PV installation, there’s not a lot of legwork that goes into it from a customer’s perspective. We’ve broken it down into three easy steps so future solar customers can get ready for the big day when


First Standardization Steps in PV Inverter Industry

Yole Développement has announced its comprehensive analysis on the first standardization steps in the PV inverter industry. Yole Développement’s analysts evaluate the market forecasts and positioning of the different business players. This updated version of Yole Développement’sPV inverter trends report presents a comparison between what YoleDéveloppement had previously anticipated and what really happened; andalso the

New York Takes Next Steps for Distributed Generation

The New York Public Service Commission approved changes to the state’s net-metering rules to eliminate thepeak load limitation on the size of a non-residential customer’s solaror wind energy system. As a result of the change, businesses and farmsin New York can now install larger sized non-residential photovoltaicand wind generating systems. Chapter 7 of the 2010

Energy Conversion Devices Moving Assembly Steps To Mexico $ENER

Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD), a manufacturer of thin-film flexiblesolar laminate products for the building-integrated and commercialrooftop markets, says it will shift certain final assembly operations from its Auburn Hills, Mich., campus to its Tijuana, Mexico, facility. The company will continue to manufacture its solar cells at the AuburnHills campus. The change is expected to

5 Steps for Becoming a Successful Green Investor

Is now the right time to invest in“cleantech” and profit from the Green Revolution? As with any potential investment decision, preparation and researchare necessary elements to conduct before a prudent, well-informeddecision can be made. The Green industry is still in its emerging growth stage, and while there are many companies with revenues and reasonablemarket capitalizations, the

10 Steps to Turning your Company into a Sustainability-Driven Innovator

1. Make innovating for sustainability a part of your company’s vision:Update your company’s stated visions, mission and list of values orprinciples to ensure that sustainability is at the heart, so that yourcompany is publicly identified, both internally and externally, assustainability-driven. 2. Formulate a strategy withsustainability at its heart: To really be effective, sustainability must be