Obama Stepping Up to Bat for Solar

Big news out of the White House on the solar energy front the past few days.  First there’s the news that the Obama administration will install solar on the White House(both thermal for hot water and PV for electricity).  Then in today’s NY Times there’s a front page article about how the Obama administration has […] Read more

India Stepping up to the Plate on Solar?

The Indian state of Gujarat will soon be home to the world’s largest solar power complex,provided that it successfully acquires the thousands acres of landneeded for the project by the end of the year. The $10 billion,3,000-megawatt initiative will raise funding with the help of the Clinton Foundationand aims to develop an array of technologies, […] Read more

Solar-powered stepping stones

TheSolar Powered Lighted Stepping Stone provides an elegant, inimitableand reasonable way to light up and revamp your garden or walkway. Thesestepping stones have a built-in solar panel that collects and convertssunlight into DC power and the built-in nickel-cadmium batteries storethe energy to illuminate at night. These solar-powered lighted stepping stones have a built-in photo sensor […] Read more