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Europe Has Poured $4 Billion into Smart Grids

Europe Has Poured $4 Billion into Smart Grids

According to the Joint Research Center (JRC), the EU in-house scientific service, more than 450 smart grid projects in Europe account for a total investment of €3.15 billion (≈$4.27 billion). The JRC recently published its 2014 edition of the “Smart Grid projects outlook,” which presents the most comprehensive database of smart grid and smart metering initiatives up


Tesla Takes Supercharger Network Transcontinental

Tesla Motors announced yesterday a significant expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network—a network of 480-volt fast charging stations developed to allow the Model S sedans to make long distance trips. The rapid-charging station provides almost 100 kW of power, giving the 85 kWh version of the Model S an additional 150 mi (240 km) of


The California Carbon Challenge

Next10, which develops online tools that help people gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, has released the California Carbon Challenge. The idea is to simulate the tough choices policymakers face in how to address climate change. It allows people to choose strategies to cut the state’s carbon emissions through an interactive game and get feedback

Solar Petrol Station for Slovenia Concept from Studio 360

While we definitely want EV stations to replace gasoline stations,making existing gas station infrastructure greener is still a good thing to do. Designers over at Studio 360 are proposing a solar-powered gas station for Slovenia, which will be made from natural materials. Located at the southern Bled bypass area, the roof of the serviceand sales

The Stuttgart Solar Train Station

Designed way back in 1997 as part of a large rail redevelopmentproject called Stuttgart 21, the Main Station Stuttgart has begun to see the light of the day. Aimed at restructuring the rail network inStuttgart and constructing a high speed rail line the project envisages a sustainable underground structure right beneath the city center. Thiswould


SunPods to Unveil Solar Powered EV Charging Station

California-based company SunPods Inc., is all geared up to unveil what it calls as the world’s firstfactory-built, solar-powered electric-vehicle charging station at the Cleantech Open event in San Jose this Thursday. Called the “SP-300 Plug-N-Go,” thisgreen charging station is capable of charging two vehiclessimultaneously. It also stores excess energy, which can then be soldback to


Yana solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

With fossil fuels diminishing, the future does need vehicles fueledby clean electricity. However, since a major percentage of electricitystill comes from conventional sources, the environmental benefits ofelectric cars are debatable. Designers have started their efforts inproviding stunning designs that will be able to help EV owners chargetheir rides with renewable energy, ensuring CO2-free mobility. The

Voltwerk Introduces New Central Inverter Station

Voltwerk electronics GmbH has released the VIS 400-1200, an inverterstation that includes an integrated medium-voltage transformer and aventilation and monitoring system. The product is available in modelsranging from 400 kW to 1,200 kW (in 100 kW increments). Amedium-voltage switch panel can also be integrated. The station isdelivered with all connection and ventilation devices included, and


Solar Plug-in EV Car Station from Tom Miller

Electric cars might only be good for reducing pollution if theelectricity grid is getting powered up with renewable sources.Industrial designers have thought over the “green” credentials ofelectric cars and have often raised questions on their eco-friendliness. Designer Tom Miller is seeking solutions using solar energy. Tom has come up with a Solar Plug-In Car Station

Geotectura’s Gasoline Station Offering Solar Powered EV Charging

Withthe rise in the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on thestreets, it will be important for gasoline stations to adopt the newtrend and equip their stations with EV charging stations. However,since most of the electricity generated in different parts of the worldstill comes from coal-fired power plants, greening the world will takemuch more


Solar Hydrogen Fueling Station by Honda

Apart from announcing new hybrids to take on the world’s best, Hondais trying to even better its commitment to green technology byunveiling a solar hydrogen station prototype at the Los Angeles Centerof Honda R&D Americas, Inc., which is intended for ultimate use asa home refueling appliance capable of an overnight refill of fuel cellelectric vehicles.

GCL-Poly completes construction of 20MW PV power station, achieves successful grid connection

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd announced that its wholly-owned 20MWphotovoltaic power station, operating as the Xuzhou GCL Solar EnergyCo. Ltd has completed construction and successfully connected to thegrid. It is currently the largest solar photovoltaic power station inChina. Zhu Gong Shan, the Executive Director, Chairman and CEOof GCL-Poly, said: “Thanks to the support of the Jiangsu